Where To Get The Best Hot Chocolate In Chennai

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Yep, we’re in love with the cocoa too. And this is the perfect weather to pour yourself a cup of hot chocolate, crack open a book and huddle under fuzzy blankets. If you’re looking for the perfect place to get that hot cuppa, we did all the work for you. Here are some of our favourite places and we know you’ll like them too.

Chamiers Cafe

A popular haunt for breakfast goers and those who stop by Anokhi and need a break from shopping, Chamiers has a few chocolate-based drinks on their menu. And while they have a traditional hot chocolate, the one we’d recommend for you is the Spicy Hot Chocolate with Vanilla & Cinnamon! Can you just imagine the explosion of flavours in your mouth with each sip? And all of that for just INR 245, so stop wasting time and head on over right away.


The chocolate brand from Pondicherry has brought to our fair city a store full of delicious chocolate goodies to choose from. But their signature drink is the 54°C Hot Chocolate (INR 130) and that’s our recommendation, without a doubt. Made with low-calorie milk and absolutely no added sugar (they have chocolate shaped cubes added instead), you need to stir the hot chocolate seven times (exactly seven, alright?) and then you’re free to drink as fast or slow as you please. It’s worth the effort, we promise.

Fabelle Chocolate Boutique

If like us, you’ve been dying to check out the Fabelle’s very own café at ITC Grand Chola and don’t mind some splurging, check them out. Their São Tomé Classic Hot Cocoa (INR 450) is calling to us too. Made with single origin São Tomé 70 percent dark chocolate, Madagascar vanilla pod and Sri Lankan cinnamon and black pepper, this is bound to be a treat unlike any other. And let’s not forget the whipped cream topping. What else could you expect from an exclusive chocolate brand?

Crisp Café

This cute Nungambakkam café has a lot of great treats on their menu, including Classic Hot Chocolate (INR 150) which can be made with dark or white chocolate. Plus, the drink is served with a chocolate dipstick (which you can use to stir your drink and then nibble on while you wait for it to cool a little). And what’s more, you can ask them to add a shot of vanilla or Hazelnut to your drink. Sign us up!

The Chocolate Room

The first thing you’re going to notice is that they have different ways of serving your hot drinks – a Cuddle Cup (INR 129) or a Warming Mug (INR 159) – and then you can look through Italian hot chocolate menu which is bursting at the seams with great options. We’re a little partial towards the Tiramisu Hot Chocolate which has undertones of coffee and mascarpone, giving you the full effect of the famous Italian dessert.

The Chocolate Heaven

What is better than a Classic Hot Chocolate? A Nutella Hot Chocolate. Honestly, everything is better with Nutella in it and just imagine drinking a hot chocolate and getting a taste of Nutella with each sip? We are so on board for this at The Chocolate Heaven. And when surrounded by other great chocolate items, the Nutella Hot Chocolate (INR 120) is the perfect way to start your day.

Sandy’s Chocolate Laboratory

The most famous thing at Sandy’s might be That Really Tiny Chocolate Cake (now on its third version), but what you can always be comforted with is Sandy’s Signature Hot Chocolate (INR 200), which is vegetarian and can be had as in the classic version or with white chocolate, if you’re the adventurous type or just like white chocolate better.


That’s right, everybody’s favourite new café, Amelie’s, serves hot chocolate as well! And while they also have the classic hot chocolate version, we’re leaning towards something a little different like their Mexican Hot Chocolate (INR 148) which has all the usual ingredients, along with a pinch of cayenne pepper, cinnamon, and some vanilla. The spiciness isn’t offensive, but it still adds a nice kick to the drink.


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