Chomp Your Way To Good Health With Rainbow-Y Salads And Crunchy Mixes From The Jar Theory

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From vibrant, freshly layered and new salad options to healthy snacking choices like granola and trail mixes, The Jar Theory is making people switch to healthy, one jar at a time. 

What Makes It Awesome

Desserts, shakes, and now salads in a jar. Chennai does love the jar concept. Don't we now? The Jar Theory is all about that. With nearly 15 salad varieties that range from Mexican Chickpea Salad with tangy accents from its chilli lime dressing and Noodle Zoodle Salad with pesto dressing to Wheat Pasta Salad that replaces cheesy white sauce with equally creamy, protein-packed and most importantly, low-calorie hummus, all served in sizeable and eco-friendly glass jars, The Jar Theory is a revelation that healthy and vegetarian can be equally tasty. 

Layered with locally-sourced and freshly cut vegetables that include carrots, purple cabbage, colourful bell peppers, zucchini and olives, all the salads pack a flavourful punch with no preservatives added to them. Priced at INR 160, these salads can be stored up to three days and can be consumed for a whole meal.

For those who love superfoods, The Jar Theory also delivers millet and quinoa salad that comes seasoned with basil, cilantro and mint leaves in addition to a good chunk of veggies. And for those looking for healthy spreads, be sure to check out their hummus and cheese range that comes with veggies too (priced at about INR 100).

That’s not all. Switching to healthy can be difficult and The Jar Theory knows that well. That's why, it also offers snacking options like honey-sweetened granola mix and trail mix that comes with dried fruits, flax seeds, sunflower and pumpkin seeds with a savoury seasoning (highly addictive) for just INR 200. They also undertake party orders, make customized hampers for their granola and trail mixes and have monthly subscription plans for their salads.


All the orders have to be placed a day in advance, so make sure you do that. Also, don't forget to mention if you have any food-allergies while placing the order. 


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