Guys! Eat Healthy Using Ingredients From This Organic Food Brand

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Was your new year resolution to chuck the junk this year? Do something about it and switch to Organic products with Aavaaram. Located in Kilpauk this quaint store keeps all organically grown food.

What Makes It Awesome

From herbal remedies to Dosa batter this brand offers a wide range of healthy and organic produce for all you health freaks out there. A subsidiary of SGR Organic Foods, Aavaaram also offers herbal products along with different types of millets, cereals, oils and rice.

They have eight local varieties of rice, all sourced from local farms in Tamil Nadu. What caught our attention was their organic jaggery, coconut and palm sugar. As part of their collection they also keep powdered spices like moringa and curry leaf. Aavaaram keeps a range of multivitamin tablets with natural herbs like ferugreen, neem and turmeric.

We can’t wait to get our hands on their Thokku (Pickles) collection which includes moringa, mudakathan and pirandai thokku. They also keep various vegetable concoctions like kokum barley soup and roasted corn and herb soup which act like remedies for common cold and infections. We are definitely going back to Aavaaram for their idli and dosa batter as well as their organic honey.

What Could Be Better

We would love for them to expand their collection and include farm fresh produce as well.


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