Painfree Periods & Positive Body Image, These Handmade Affirmation Dolls Have Them All


Poojita Nair makes customised affirmation dolls starting INR 250. 

What Makes It Awesome

For those of you who aren’t sure what affirmation dolls are, they are dolls that are made with a belief that they will help achieve desires. Some even consider them spirit dolls, with positive energy. Poojita has been making these dolls for two years now and they are largely relatable. 

Her first doll had stretch marks and was made for those who aren’t confident about their body. Seeing the doll helps us love ourselves and our imperfections more, she says. She has made loads of dolls like these - the merman, for instance, is to help embrace uniqueness in people. Another clock-shaped doll holds the affirmation that we have time to do what we love. 

These dolls are priced from INR 250 and are made from organic cotton. People are loving her recent creation of a woman in her underwear - the affirmation is that of a pain-free period. Poojita says her affirmation dolls have helped her find and embrace her identity and that’s what she’s trying to do for others, too. Currently, she’s working on dolls to substitute plastic barbie dolls - these will have realistic body measurements, she says. Get your own adorable doll customised and fall in love with yourself all over again!


If you like a specific doll Poojita has made, you can call her and get it. She is more than happy to customise a doll for you, too. 


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