Seven Amazing Products From Crossword You Need To Own

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How long has it been since you last went to Crossword? We feel you, it’s been a long time for us too. We recently dropped by and we’re glad we did because we found some really cool things. So, sit tight and we’ll tell you what we saw. 

This FRIENDS Themed Clock

If you’re a die-hard Friends fan, this clock is the ultimate possession for you. It has pretty much every reference from "How you doin’” to “We were on a break!”. But, what we love about this clock is that it has the lesser-known, rare references too - “I love you man” on a sketch board, “Frankie say relax”, “15, Yemen Road, Yemen” and cute illustrations of Hugsy (Joey’s bedtime penguin pal) and a lobster (she’s your lobster!). Let’s see how many more can you identify!

Price: INR 499

Wooden Candles

These scented candles in flavours like vanilla and raspberry come in wooden holders with some quirky illustrations. It’s like a candle on top of a wooden Rubik's cube with a doodle of an owl or a dog. There are handpainted peacocks and elephants, too. We found some cylindrical candles with cutesy floral designs. 

Price: INR 350

Mickey Mouse Coaster

We love gifts that look good and are practical, and that’s how we feel about this super 70s Mickey Mouse coaster set. The illustration isn’t of the early 90s Mickey, but of the first sketches made in the 70s. The flowing ink and 1928 seal is giving us #feels. Ah, the good old Walt Disney days. 

Price: INR 599 (six pieces)

Hand-Crafted Diary

Stationery lovers, you will fall in love with these journals and diaries, each one has a unique illustration and some even hand-crafted with love. We loved one diary which closes like an envelope and has women carrying pots on the cover. Another elephant-shaped diary with intricate painting is winning for how cute it looks. If you like cocky quotes, check out the journal with “Bad choices” and “Um, I don’t like you, don’t open me”. You can also find a complete set which includes a big diary, a mini diary, a pen, and a diary holder. 

Price: INR 350 onwards

This Book Chair

Um, why not be a little extra with this chair which is for books? It’s a wooden book chair that can be assembled and can hold eReaders and tablets. It adjusts to three angles and can even be expanded to accommodate actual books. Time for you and your books to take the back seat and relax (see what we did there?)!

Price: INR 1,599

Artsy Handbags

These aren’t regular handbags, they have some epic graphic illustration of Rajasthan palaces and Mughal art on them. Plus, they are perfect to carry books, pens, and even laptops. Oh, and there are separate laptop pouches, too. 

Price: INR 400 onwards

Base Camp Reading Lamp

This tiny reading lamp is our fave, because it will boldly go where other lights won’t go! This lamp’s light is just enough to read a book when there are no lights and is pitch dark. You can pin it to the page you’re reading, and it comes with a stand that you can use if you don’t want it on your page. There’s a switch on top and the light can be changed into red, purple, and blue. 

Price: INR 1,299


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