Art Lovers ! Grab Adorable Indian Handicrafts At This Store In Erode

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Art Lovers! This store sells handpicked pieces of adorable Indian handicrafts which make for a great addition to your homes!

What Makes It Awesome

Each piece has a history and a narrative of the artist behind! Athepoo, founded in 2011 celebrates ethnic handicrafts which use traditional Indian techniques and craftsmanship. They collect and pick unique pieces from across the states of India. You will find products made out of carved wood, dyed paints, moulded clay and shaped mud. 

You can also find small collectables such as decorated elephants, golden Ganesha and other folk art characters in different forms. Athepoo also has crafted treasure chests, drawers, vase, pot, diyas, baskets as well as trays! They even have a collection of handcrafted crockeries and wall clocks at INR 400 onwards.

You can grab small collectables from INR 100 to INR 5000. If you are searching for a certain type of decors, in particular, Athepoo has varieties to showcase. You can get your own carved sets of traditional games such as ludo and pachisi. However, these pieces are one of their kind, so they just have one piece of each. After all, where is the uniqueness if it can be replicated?


If you are curious about the particular material and the history behind the craft, Athepoo will give you the details of where it is from and its story! A percentage of their earning also goes to the artists and craftsmen.


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