The King Of All Thalis: Have Your Tried The Baahubali Thali Yet?

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What Makes It Awesome

Glutton for food? Ponnusamy Hotel in Nungambakkam will put that to test with its Baahubali thali that's touted to be Chennai’s biggest. This thali is massive, offering over 50 dishes (both vegetarian and non-vegetarian) on a plate, running up to 32 inches with enough food for four people. Mind-blowing or what? 

Although we have multiple Ponnusamy hotels in the city, it is only the Nungambakkam branch that serves the Baahubali thali that includes everything from soup and starters to main course, and dessert. The quantity per bowl ranges between 60 and 400 grams offering dishes like ura puttu (shark), vanjaram meen varuval, mutton nalli, mutton sukka, prawn masala, mutton biryani, and chicken biryani. In vegetarian, they have daal fry, sambhar, rasam, naan, white rice and more. Desserts include kesari, rasagulla, gulab jamun and jangri. The thali is priced at INR 1,399. 

If you're not a big fan of thalis, Ponnusamy Hotel also has loads of a la carte (or smaller thali) options spread across desi Chinese, North Indian Food, South Indian light bites and more. You can choose from Fried rice, chop suey, pulav, North-Indian bread, delish egg dishes and mini tiffens. However, with all this thali talk, we think you should try out the Baahubali thali at least once as a challenge. And for those of you feeling too lazy, no, this thali can’t be delivered, so get off your phone and put on your Joey pants.


This thali is a hit amongst the locals, so be sure to pre-book yours.


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