From Spiderman Swinging To Scooby Doo Cupcakes, This Bakery Can Fullfill All Your Whacky Wishes

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What Makes It Awesome

Does there really need to be an occasion for you to satisfy those sweet cravings? We say not. And BB Bakes, a home bakery, will bake you the most fanciest ones. A mix of chocolate, fruits and dry fruits, you can try that heavenly slice of cake anytime. They even have eggless options along with alcoholic and non-alcoholic desserts. Imagine those choco-chip brownies with a hint of Baileys for your birthday? We are totally taking them home. 

BB Bakes mainly specialises in making cakes and cupcakes. You can place orders for cakes weighing 300 grams to 1 kg. They even do multi-layered cakes. Some of their cakes look no less than a Disney castle while some bring out the explorer in Dora. We especially love the Spiderman with a moving train through the cake. Yes, a moving edible train!  We also love their construction cake which is made up of chocolate, caramel and butterscotch with gems placed as pebbles and stones. Similarly, they have cupcakes with chocolate and coffee ganache. They have the option of marshmallow filling as well! 

BB Bake also offers mousses and cookies. While their cakes and cupcakes are made to order, these are regularly made, and the flavours vary from time to time. You can call them up to ask for their special. Their mango mousse is particularly popular. As per us, we like a bit of rum in our ragi cookies or gooey brownies - something they most certainly offer. 


They host baking and frosting workshops from time to time across the city. Keep a check on their social media page for more.
For Diwali, they have a handmade Indian sweets hamper that you can buy for INR 860.


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