Hit Up The City's Music Scene With The Best Bands In Chennai

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Movies and classics are alright but what about those talents who are changing the shape of the music industry. The city has got its creative music heads who make their own form of music and if you are a music lover searching for some new tunes then we have some for you. Indie, rock or even Tamil alt, they have got their genres sorted. Check out our list of the best bands to check out in Chennai.

Local and growing, you will love them.


If you like the sounds of heavy banging drums and strumming of the electric guitar then Skrat is your band to go to. Started by three high schoolers in 2006, the band plays along with the genres of heavy and hard rock. Origin of their lyrics and their in-depth crowd charm will have you waving your own arms in the air. Their latest album "Bison" describes a journey into comic book style universe and oh my, it has got us hooked! Chennai's very own Metallica. 

Prana The Band

In the city's indie scene, Prana The Band is making us sway to its happy tunes. If you are in for a cosy evening then you must have them a go. Their stylised English songs written with a mix of Tamil words and lingo is what makes them so quirky to hear to. One of their most popular song hit with their lovers is the "Tha Song". One look at it and you will know what we are talking about. If you are in for some Tamil indie tunes then you are in for a treat. They work with Solar Music so check out them out on Spotify or Reverbnation.

Oxygen - World Fusion Music Band

Where the tunes of the world community come together is what we call the Oxygen - World Fusion Music Band. An instrumental delight to the ears, they have been around since 2003 performing conceptualised live music with a blend of various music genres. You can expect a classic mix of pop, rock, classical, Carnatic, blues and even Hindustani classical. They have even had one of their albums released by A.R. Rehman. Awesome part? They perform at weddings, corporate parties, conferences and so much much.

Junkyard Groove

Starting off with their funky music in 2005, Junkyard Groove is all about introducing new talents to India's music scene. with catchy hooks in its lyrics and on-stage experimentation is what makes us adore them so much. They play around with the tunes of rock and alt genres. They believe in created music for the soul and you will know when you give them a hear!

The F16's

An outfit started in 2014, The F16's is there to treat you with some pop tunes. Predominantly English with their lyrics, the band plays as colourful songs as their look. If you are looking for some happy tunes to sway to or some melodies to work on then you can hit their songs up on Spotify as well. More than anything, we love these cute boys who like doing things trippy!


Original compositions and one of its kind music style, Jhanu is for all the regional lovers. With their flair for Tamil rock music, they have been rocking the stage since 2013. They even released their first hit single in 2013 which made the crowd go mad. With the mixtures of poetic Tamil and the contemporization with energetic western hit, you will be sure to have that energy pumping within you.

Blues Conscience

Heard the blues and rock of ABBA and QUEEN then make way for India's very own blues band with their jazzy style, Blues Conscience. Their speciality is doing covers from legendary bands and singers who have changed the music world but the catch here is their subtle take on each of their tunes. A hard strumming of guitar or a play of piano, you can expect surprise changes which will give you a new viewpoint of the songs altogether.


Churning the master tunes of Hindi, Telugu and Tamil hits, Staccato has been mixing all of them in its own way. If you are a fan of Carnatic vocals then you will love the traditional vocals paired up with the energy of modern instruments. We especially love their take on the fine-tuning of the drums and of course, who can miss out on the ear-pleasing raagas in the vocals. They perform at various live music events across Chennai so hit them up!

Did we miss out on any? Mention them in the comments below.


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