Biryani State Of Mind? Here's Where You Can Find The Best Biryani In The City

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With its addictive flavour and fulfilling taste, biryani is truly a celebration of all that is great. Whether you're feeling like ordering a half plate or thulping down a bucket with your fam, we can help you get the best biryani for your buck! From Ambur and Dindigul and Chettinad to Hyderabadi and the Mughlai biryani as well as from the oldest biryani joint to thriving new ones, check out the best biryanis places in the city and enjoy an indulgent meal or two (we're always in for second helpings, you see) 

Disclaimer: If you're opting for home delivery, check for the timings on food delivery apps like Zomato and Swiggy beforehand. Also, opt for cashless payment and contactless deliveries. If you're doing takeaways or dining in, please follow all social distancing rules, wear masks and carry sanitisers while you are at the outlets. 

Karigar Biryani

Putting perun choru (grand rice) which was invented by Cheran King Uthiyan back onto our tables, Karigar Biryani is all about delivering your favourite dish, Cheran-style! Curated by Chef Harish Rao, this biryani cloud kitchen uses mapillai samba  (fat, red rice) to make their biryani along with red meat, mutton, and then delivers it sustainably in banana leaf boxes while serving the sides (thokku, raitha) in Areca nut cups. It's an experience people seem to be loving, of course, along with the rich taste the biryani offers. Ooh, there's a paan ladoo too! Tried it yet? 

Price: 275 onwards 

Ente Keralam

Cooking with coconut oil can never go wrong. And Ente Keralam knows that well. Apart from their fish fries and beef curry, their Thalassery biryani is one of its kind. Unlike the others, this biryani uses small grain, khaima rice. What's so different about it? Well, the rice and the meat are cooked separately first and then put together dum-style. If you haven't tried this Kerala favourite then this place is your chance. 

Price: INR 245 onwards 

H.Akbar Mess

Aren't wedding biryanis one-of-a-kind? H.Akbar Mess in Vepery serves comes really close to them, serving mutton biryani in banana leaves. It's not overly spicy and its homely appeal and flavour make it a comfort meal. Don't ask for a spoon to eat the biryani if you don't want to be judged. 

Price: INR 150 onwards

Ambur Star Biryani

Whether you have been to Ambur or not, chances are you still know what it is famous for. Having set shop in the 1890s, Ambur Star Biryani needs no introduction. Serving plates that have more meat than rice from more than10 outlets in the city, pick an Ambur Biryani closest to you and enjoy their quick service. Ooh, they've got the XL biryani too, in case you want to indulge at home with your fam (it's takeaway only). 

Price: INR 144 onwards

Nammaa Kitchen

Located in Taramani, the highlight of Nammaa Kitchen’s menu is their stellar Hyderabadi-style biryani. However, if you are in the mood to experiment, try their Special Chicken 65 biryani and Royal biryani that’s got a variety of meats. Mughlai Mutton, Tandoori Chicken, and Prawn Biryani round off the menu. They offer combos as well.

Price: INR 180 onwards 

Yaa Mohideen Biryani

When you put iconic and biryani together you get Yaa Mohideen. Always crowded, you can work up an appetite by joining the long queues and when it is your turn at the front of the counter, just snap up their superb Mutton Biryani. No fancy ambience, no great furniture, but it's the consistency in flavour that makes them a hot favourite. Pair their biryani with  Chicken Pakoras and you’ve got yourself a memorable meal. They even sell biryani by the kilo. Did we just hear house party? 

Price: INR 210 onwards 

Biryani Bol

This is mainly a takeaway restaurant that kills it with their combo offers. Our favourite is their Chicken Tikka Masala and Mutton Biryani comboThere's Fish Biryani, Mutton Seekh Kebab Biryani, Egg Biryani and others too. 

Price: INR 219 onwards 


If you are an ardent non-vegetarian, you will definitely know that you can never go wrong with this one. Our favourite dish at Samco is easily the Chicken 65 Biryani getting everything right - spices, flavour, oil and oh, the Chicken 65 pieces! You can also try their other creation, the Chicken Semiya Biryani that is equally yummy but surprisingly not as popular.

Price: INR 170 onwards 


One of most iconic possessions of the city and a pioneer for giving us Chicken 65, Buhari has grown across Chennai. Not to forget, their biryani remains among the best in town. Their juicy chicken biryani paired up with chicken 65 is the perfect jodi. Spicy and thick, just how we like it. Ask for a leg piece in your biryani - it tastes heavenly mixed with the spices.

Price: INR 230 onwards 

Karaikudi Chettinadu Mess

How much spice is too much spice? Well, Chettinad cuisine will answer that. If you love Chettinad food, where else to try it than in the Karaikudi Chettinadu Mess? Located across outlets in Chennai, it specialises in *drum rolls* Chettinad biryani. Long grain and heavily spiced, the tears rolling down your eyes are worth it just for the sake of its taste. Apart from chicken and mutton biryani, their special fish and prawn dum biryani is worth trying too! 

Price: INR 140 onwards 

Sukkubhai Biryani

Love beef biryani? Head to Sukkubhai Biryani! The aromatic rice is subtly spiced and allows for the chunks of meat to shine through. Their hunky beef cutlets and beef fry prove to be worthy accompaniments to the stellar biryani. You can also check out our list of budget biryani restaurants to eat the best without shelling out much. 

Price: INR 200 onwards 

Dindigul Thalapakatti

Chennai is surrounded by biryani hubs. If you are heading towards Hosur, you’ll find the famed Dindigul biryani. But don’t worry, you don’t have to budge an inch to get your share of steaming hot Dindigul biryani. With branches across the city, head to a Dindigul Thalapakatti outlet closest to you and indulge in boneless mutton biryani or chicken versions, or biryani in a bucket to feed your entire brood.

Price: INR 199 onwards (for biryani combos) 

Copper Chimney

Specialising in Mughlai and North Indian flavours, Copper Chimney is where you head to when you’ve got a calorie-loaded treat on your mind. Stuff your face with their excellent Dum Gosht Biryani that’s sprinkled with saffron and features chunks of beautifully cooked lamb. That said, it’s certainly a finer dining version of the meal. It is about feeding the Nawab in you.

Price: INR 345 onwards 


A busy and budget biryani joint in Royapettah, Charminar is a favourite with the crowds. No fancy packaging and branding, but a tiny place specialising in home-style biryani mutton and chicken biryani that they prepare in large, blackened cauldrons. They have a few tandoori dishes too that you can chomp down with your biryani as well. Bucket versions, for large crowds, are available too. 

Price: INR 140 onwards (for half a plate) 


AlMaza's extensive menu is a meat lover’s delight and features quite a variety in biryani. If you want to go the tried and tested way, there is the Mughlai mutton and chicken biryani. Fish, prawns, and egg versions make an appearance too. But if you are looking for sheer indulgence, just pick the Mutton (also available in chicken) Zafrani Pulao sprinkled with the goodness of saffron. 

Price: INR 200 onwards 


Rasavid translates to 'knowing good flavour' and they sure stay true to it. Serving one of the best Hyderabad Dum Biryanis in Chennai, Rasavid strikes a perfect balance of spice and flavour. There are multiple locations in Chennai, so hit-up the one which is the closest to you next time you are craving biryani and you will surely relish it. 

Price: INR 175 onwards 

Hotel Paramount

Best known for its mutton biryani, Paramount is also a crowd-favourite. They've got fish, egg, chicken and prawn biryani too. Their paya and appam are supposed to be just as good. A delivery-only kitchen, head to this Kilpauk eatery for a wholesome serving of your favourite biryani. 

Price: INR 180 onwards 

SS Hyderabad Biryani

With multiple branches in the city, SS Hyderabad Biryani has certainly created quite an impact on the Chennai food scene. They serve their biryani pakki-style (the meat is marinated for a lesser time and is almost cooked while the rice is semi-cooked and both are then arranged in layers and steamed) with their chicken biryani being the most popular. 

Price: INR 140 onwards 

KCK FoodPack

A delivery-only offering from Kappa Chakka Kandhari, KCK FoodPack has a wonderful curation of biryanis on offer. Try their vegetarian Malabar Bento (a bento box-inspired set meal) which includes biryani, three vegetarian dishes, Malabar Porotta, accompaniments, and dessert, or appease your inner-carnivore with their Thalasseryy Chicken Biriyani or Lucknow Mutton Biryani. Know more here. 

Price: INR 345 onwards 


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