Best French Classes In Chennai

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Voulez-vous apprendre le français? Bienvenue! to these french classes in the city for the best training.

Here and Now

The cover short crash courses for you speed learners. They also offer a diploma in french. Their immersion program is designed to take you through six levels from A1 to C2 in just 6 months. They also conduct general and corporate courses. They have both weekend and weekday courses.

Alliance Francais

We had to include alliance francais in our list of the best french classes. With well experienced teachers and a wide array of teaching methods, be prepared to learn, not only in the classroom but while listening to music, watching movies and reading books too. They offer courses ranging from one month to six months and will take you through all six levels of study.

ZEFT English Labs

They offer two sets of courses for french. One is their french coaching classes which are covered over a short period of time and the other is a more advanced training course. Their students agree that they have a very fun, interactive and innovative method to teach their students.

INaWord center for languages

Along with french, this academy also offers courses in german, japanese, spanish and mandarin. They have courses for adults, corporate organisations and school children. Each course is of different durations depending upon the assigned syllabus.

Let’s Speak

This center in Adyar offers a free demo class for beginners to get a feel of the teaching styles. They offer courses for all levels from A1 to C2 over a period of six months. Each course is charged differently so be sure to visit their website for more info.

VLC institute

Another famous language institute, VLC offers English, Hindi and French courses. Their Simple french course where they teach basic day-to-day coversation is a 60 hour course and their Spoken and written classes are much more advanced and are covered over a 120 hour period.

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