Street Art To Café Décor: Check Out The Best Instagrammable Spots In Chennai!

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Be it cute little cafes tucked away in parts of the city or the eye-grabbing street art you might find, Chennai is home to a lot of pretty places. Keeping in mind your best interests and our love for the city, we've put together a list of the best instagrammable spots in Chennai. Yes, we're doing it for the gram! 

Disclaimer: Always wear a mask and carry a sanitizer with you. Some of the spots mentioned below may observe their own guidelines for visiting and they're bound to change, so call up or check with the respective authorities before planning a visit. Lastly, maintain social distancing. 

Amethyst Cafe

Sure the food here is fantastic but the ambience is probably even better! Be it a lazy Sunday or a busy work day, visit this heavenly café on Whites Road close to Express Avenue and get the best of both worlds. This vintage colonial-style mansion is flanked by lush greenery and houses a cafe, a boutique and a flower shop. The interiors looks classy with checkered floors, illustrated walls indoors and a lovely garden cafe outside as well.

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Kapaleeshwarar Temple

This temple in Mylapore is a popular tourist destination for cultural enthusiasts from all over the country. Originally on the shoreline, the temple was rebuilt in the 16th century at its current location and is quite a sight to behold. Don’t miss out on the 120 feet gopuram! It's absolutely breathtaking!

Armenian Church

One of the oldest churches in the subcontinent, the Armenian Church is located inside the Theosophical Society in Besant Nagar. At its centre is the bell tower that houses six bells. For culture enthusiasts, the architecture and worn-out façade of the church can be quite fascinating. Although it is open today only as a heritage site, you can also walk through the Theosophical Society and spot a massive 150-year-old banyan tree. 

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Gusto Cafe

This café in Nungambakkam offers different décor in each of its 7 chambers! You probably know about this café if you love hookah, but there is more to this joint. With its 'eccentric' ambience, the interiors predominantly feel Egyptian and each wall is pretty unique and makes for an interesting photo. Don’t forget to see the street artwork that has been done downstairs near the car park!

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Shore Temple

Aptly named, this temple overlooking the ocean in Mahabalipuram, is one of the oldest standing structural stone temples in South India. Dating all the way back to the 8th century AD when it was built, the temple has now been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With recent excavations revealing new structures surrounding the temple, do visit this place for its stunning architecture!

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Chamiers Cafe

Considered one of the prettiest cafes in Chennai, the ambience here is incomparable. The vintage vibes and the décor stand out perfectly complimenting the rustic furniture. Also known for its very popular breakfast options, visit Chamiers for a quiet evening with a nice meal whilst reading a book! We’ll let the pictures do the talking.

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Built on the desire of its founder Swami Prabhupada, the ISKCON Temple on the East Coast Road was opened in 2012, more than 35 years after when it was first proposed. The temple is built solely using the donations from the people of Chennai and is spread over an area of 1.5 acres. With its construction done on five levels, it sure does make for a lovely sight in the evenings.

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View From The Light House

If you go to Marina, you've got to go to the Lighthouse. The gorgeous view of the ocean, beach and Chennai is simply stunning! Open from 3 pm to around 5:30 pm in the evening, a trip here will keep you coming back for more. 

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Kipling Cafe

Known for its exotic ambience, Kipling Cafe is popular for its private seating outdoors with some soothing music always playing. With cabana-like huts and a cocktail bar, the candlelit tables make for a perfect date! Make sure to visit in the evenings but make not without a reservation. 

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The Farm

An ideal getaway from the city, this restaurant is indeed situated inside a lovely farm. You get to soak in the sun at this venue and taste the different cheeses (and more) that are made in-house. They also conduct a tour of the farm where you can spot adorable animals every half an hour, so be sure to keep your cam ready. 

The Twin Dragons

The 'Conquer The Concrete' movement in 2015 aimed to use well-known public spaces for urban contemporary art. One of the participating artists Amitabh Kumar worked on 'Twin Dragons' just outside the entrance to the airport. Splashed across a blue background, this piece of art looks gorgeous and worthy of going on your feed. 

Berlin Berlin

Similar to the Twin Dragons, this painting was created during the Chennai Street Festival by a German artist. A riot of colours, it can be seen in many different ways. Make sure to drop by the Egmore Railway Station at least once and see this work of art! Find more things to do in Egmore here. 

Flower Power Tea Room

How we love this Brit-style tea room in Bessy for its gorgeous interiors. It seems like it’s straight out of an Enid Blyton book, complete with high tea, scones with lashings of cream, and a floor to ceiling wall decked with flowers. Your Instagram feed is going to look so good!

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Broken Bridge

This place must be on your list if you want to explore the most iconic spots in the city. The scenery and asymmetry of this bridge make it a must-see place. With the estuary as the backdrop and trees as well as little shrubs, you can totally take some fabulous pictures here. 

St. Thomas Mount

Want a panoramic view of the city? It doesn't get better than the one you get to witness at St. Thomas Mount. At the top of this hillock is the St Thomas Mount Shrine, which is an architectural masterpiece in itself. Once on top, you can see the entire layout of the city and how awesomely green quite a bit of it is. Definitely worth a visit! 


This eatery in Adyar has made its way to everyone's feed, thanks to the beautiful greenhouse-like setup the place offers. Done up with fairy lights, the whole set up looks dreamy in the night time, making it perfect for a date night. 

Little White Kitchen

It is hard not to take pictures at Little White Kitchen, a cafe at Kilpauk, that has been done up with pop colours and a special photo booth. The unusual dishes add to the quirky factor of the place, and the only advice we'll give you is to take enough pictures. 

Panaiyur Beach

Yes, beaches, water, the sun shining together do paint a serene picture. But Panaiyur Beach is worth a mention because of the teal-blue water one can find here. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, come here for a quick escape and you will find your gram thanking you. 


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