Navya posted on 3rd April

Fill Up On Sushi, Ramen, And Teppanyaki At Chennai’s Best Japanese Restaurants

Chennai’s bustling food scene has, over the years, made room for cuisines around the world. This includes Japanese food that has enthralled us with its unique flavours and offerings. For sushi and ramen lovers, Chennai restaurants that celebrate these flavours are nothing short of a slice of heaven. Here are the city’s best Japanese restaurants.


Flavourful ramens are the highlight of the menu here. Perfect for a breezy day or when you are in for comfort food, AKI BAY is bae. Slurp up bowls of their Ebi Pai-Tan, a soup packed with the flavour of prawns. Or you can go the hot Miso Rich Chilli Ramen. For a filling meal, try their rice bowls and finish up with their stellar puddings.


When you want your Japanese meal to be served with a side of drama, then, book a table at this Alwarpet restaurant. While we can’t bet on the authenticity of the food, you won’t be disappointed with what’s served on your plate at the live station, where you can watch the chef do his thing. At Teppan, you can choose between their set menus that includes sushi, miso soups, and grilled meats. Or you can go for their a-la-carte offerings.


Sushi In A Box

This cheery restaurant serves up what we {and the rest of the world} loves most about Japanese cuisine. The menu stars Hata {black grouper} Sashimi and Ika {cuttlefish} Sashimi. There’s also Ebi {prawn} Tempura and Fish Katsu. Their Donburi offerings  are worth a try too.

Fuji Japanese Restaurant

One of the most-loved Japanese restaurant, Fuji is one of the best culinary establishments in Nandanam. If you want to indulge in deep-fried awesomeness, then, pick the Tonkatsu {crumb-fried pork cutlets} or the Ebi Mayo {fried prawns paired with Aurora sauce}. Prefer something light? Then, pick from their sushi rolls {tuna, salmon, or sweet boiled shitaake mushroom} or their sashimi offerings.


The oldest Japanese restaurant in the city, Dahlia remains a legend on the city’s food scene. Dig your chopsticks into classic Japanese delights like Inari {fried, sweet tofu}, Tekka Maki {sushi with tuna}, and Ume Maki {made with picked plum}. If you are there with your squad, sign up for the Tempura or the Sashimi Sets. Their Don Buri concoctions {featuring ingredients like prawns, tuna, and deep fried pork} are worth slurping on.

Pan Asian

When you want a Japanese meal cushioned in luxury, then, this restaurant at ITC Grand Chola will check all the boxes. As the name suggests, the spiffy hotel specialises in pan asian cuisines but they do have robust selection of Japanese dishes. Start off with sashimi or nigiri sushi that feature a variety of ingredients including octopus, yellowtail, fried bean curd and grilled eel. You can also chomp on Cha-Soba {chilled, green tea noodles} and udon noodles.


Located at The Park, A2’s menu includes many Asian delicacies including Japanese. They are known for their top-notch sushi platters. We recommend the A2 Nigri Special that comes with salmon, tuna, yellowtail, red snapper and others. Their Spider Maki {made with soft shell crabs} and and Tuna Tataki with truffle miso and ponzu jelly are worth sinking your teeth into.