Never Too Old To Learn Elegance. Check Out The Best Kathak Classes In Chennai To Join

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Nobody is born elegant but it can always be learned. Kathak is one of eight major classical dance forms of India and the grace combines the Hindu and Islamic cultures beautifully. No matter what your age is, you can always find some time to learn the beautiful and royal form of dance. You may know our city as a hub for Bharatnatyam but Kathak is slowly catching up as well. Check out our curated list of the best Kathak classes in Chennai and join them for a session.

Devaniya Dance School

Started by Jigyasa Giri, a dancer and a choreographer, Devaniya Dance School in Alwarpet has been the face of Kathak in Chennai since 2001. The vision of the school is to enjoy the process of learning rather than just learning to perform on stage. They currently have sixteen batches of the students based on age and experience both on weekdays and weekends. Not only do they teach you the theory and practicals of the dance form, but they also teach you the history of the art as well. Anyone above the age of 8 is free to join the classes starting INR 1200 for 8 months. You can always go for a trial session or just as a spectator.

Taraana Academy Of Kathak Dance

Every dance form has an aesthetic value and well as an educational. Taraana Academy Of Kathak Dance in Nungambakkam aims to promote this art form in a systematic and educational way. They hold 2-3 classes per week both on weekdays and weekends. The more ahead of the month you pay, the lesser the price. The class fees for 3 months will cost you INR 7000. They have fifteen batches of students divided based on age and experience. If you are not comfortable learning in a group, they also conduct personalised training classes!

Jathiswaraalaya Academy Of Dance And Music

Jathiswaraalaya Academy of Dance and Music in Mylapore was started by veterans in the industry to provide affordable dance training to those who wished to learn. They have their batches structured in order to attend the need of every student despite the age. If needed, they also give personalised training sessions. If you want to enrol your kid, then they have short sessions for the parents to make them understand the dance form better. With flexible timing and course design for each student, you can join them with prices starting at just INR 500.

Nritta Tarang School Of Dance

Nritta Tarang School Of Dance in Madhavaram specialises in teaching ways of Bharatnatyam but think no else of them. They have got dancers and trainers to teach you the best of other classical dance forms including Kathak. They are there to make sure all aspects and quality of dance are to be understood for that hidden dancer in you to come out. For that reason, they take small batches based on age group and personalise time for each student to be able to get the best. You can call them up and ask for a trial class or join them over the weekend or weekday with prices starting from INR 2000 per student.


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