A Therapeutic Stress Buster After A Busy Week Is The Best With These Best Massages Across The Town

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A stressful week with aching back, cracking bones and to add on, a pile-up work dumped on you. We know how tough that can get and we have also heard to crib about how you'd like one day just stretching and fixing those headaches. While we can't take away your work or face your boss' wrath, we can give you the best therapies across town. We have listed the best therapeutic massages in Chennai that you should check out. Each specialising in a different massage of its own. With the huge range available, you choose the massage that goes the best for you or perhaps try something new.

Foot Relief

With all the heavy walking, your feet deserve a little special pampering. We don't know about you but we sure do! Foot Relief focuses on all therapies of feet from foot reflexology to foot massages. They use ancient herbal Chinese methods and acupressure. They also have special packages for hand reflexology! All the care that your limbs can get is right here in Velachery and Alwarpet with prices INR 800 onwards. You can always call them for special offers, they always have something or the other to give!

Riverday Spa

Lavender, peppermint, lemongrass, rosemary, sage and chamomile, together mix up to relieve stress, depression and sleep problems that have been developed thanks to your work. But worry not, it is nothing that aromatherapy can't help you with. Check out River Day Spa in three locations across Chennai who specialise in their aromas. Get a scalp to te massage with your choice of oil on the list. Riverday Spa also puts on soothing music and lets you have a nap while they perform their therapy on you. With prices starting at INR 1000, relieve your stress with the aroma of herbs and plants.

Sparrc Institute

For those athletic bods, we understand how hectic and painful your regular activities can get. Once in a while, a stretching session becomes an absolute necessity. Head to Sparrc institute, sports and fitness medicine centre. With over 15 brances across Chennai, they specialise in giving physiotherapy with doctors trained in the same field. They have aqua therapy, pain management and group therapy along with physiotherapeutic massages. They even have therapies for specially-abled people. Sports can't drag you down to anything after all! Prices start from INR 500 depending upon the service that you are looking for.

Manthra Bali Spa

If you are one of those who want a vigorous work done on your entire body to ease the tension then what you are looking for is Balinese massage. With achy joints and crampy muscles, firm pressure and acupressure are all you need on that body! With a combined mixture of aromatherapy, pressure point massage and warm stone therapy, head to Manthra Bali Spa who specialise in Balinese massage. If you want it a little less painful then you can always inform your masseuse. While it is a little on the pricey end with INR 3000 onwards but your body will be thanking you by the end of it.

Happy Mom

Okay, this one on the list isn't your regular spa but a pregnancy care centre. Happy Mom in Velachery is a safe haven for all the expecting mommy out there. We understand how heavy and new birth process can be and so does Happy Mom. They have their own inhouse fitness and massage therapist who specialises in childcare. you can get your prenatal massage right here. It helps to lighten the body, relieve joint pain and soothes your baby bump. Behinds, the herbs used are all-natural! 


Everyone is out there looking for Thai and Swedish massages when the art of Ayurveda started all from our homeland. From the land of spices, Kerala has come the special ayurvedic treated massage and you can get the best of it at Ayurillam in Velachery. AbhyangaShirodharaNasyaKativastiElakizi and Urovasti, you get to choose from a range of ancient traditional methods for your physical and mental well being. The doctors and consultants will help you get the most therapeutic of treatment that you require! With prices soaring INR 1000 onwards, you can also go for a weight loss massage.

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If you think we have missed out on any place, do mention them in the comments below.


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