Breakfast Pizza, Gluten-Free Or Thalaiva-Inspired: Head To The Best Pizza Restaurants In Chennai

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If you, like everyone else in the world, can never say no to pizza, then this list is just what you’ve been looking for. Pizza, as we know, can help us through heartbreaks, make Netflix binges more delightful and also is just such a great dish to share with friends when you are hanging out together. Hence, it only makes sense for us to tell you where to get the best pizzas in Chennai because friends help friends find the best of the best. Read on. You don't have to thank us. 

Ciclo Café

India’s first cycle-themed café has a pretty extensive menu, but their pizzas are the number one reason to swing by their Kotturpuram outlet. They’ve got the Classic Margherita, which is great if you want to stick with something simple, but what you really need to try is their Pepperoni version. If you love pizza but can’t stand the dough, Ciclo also offers gluten-free pizzas.

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We get it. Going all the way out to Semmancheri might be a bit much for a lot of people, but once you get a look at Onesta's pizza menu, the distance won’t matter. They have a special menu, people, and it’s got pizza in focus with a whole lot of delicious things to go with it. Get your fill of the 3 Cheese With Mushrooms Pizza or for you carnivores, try the Chicken Stuffed Crust Margherita. You won't regret it. 

Tuscana Pizzeria

Started by Chef Willi, Tuscana is a name synonymous with great pizzas. Their pizzas come in 9, and 12 inches, and in four different base types (Classic Thin Crust, Multi-Grain Crust, Whole Wheat Atta and Gluten-Free) and then all you have to do is choose the pizza you want. We’d suggest the Breakfast Pizza (topped with bacon, baked eggs, onions, potato and homemade sauce) or the Siciliana (mozzarella, artichoke, sun-dried tomatoes, olives and pesto). 

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The Padrino

This restaurant boasts a theme inspired by The Godfather, which in itself makes it attractive. And then you take a look at their pizza offerings, and you’re sold. They’ve got seafood pizzas, for those who are feeling adventurous, as well as dessert pizzas because those are now a thing and we love it! But if you’re a traditional pizza eater, don’t worry, we've got you covered because they have many options to choose from in that category as well. Give the Pollo E Pesto or the Peri Peri Veg a try, and you won’t be sorry. Glutton for food? Try their Monster 30-inch pizzas!

Basil With A Twist

While pizzas are not the focus of this European restaurant, Basil With A Twist serves great 12 inch pizzas that will keep you going back for more. Try the Quattro Formaggi simply because that’s a four cheese pizza and it will be the combination that you didn’t know you were looking for, or the Spanish Chicken Pepperoni if you want to try something different from the usual. 

Little Italy

This vegetarian paradise has some of the most popular Italian dishes in the city, and you can be sure to find some great pizzas too! Using some of the best ingredients, Little Italy makes great woodfire oven pizzas. Go for something simple like Nirvana (fresh tomato sauce, mushrooms and mozzarella), or if you’re feeling adventurous and don’t mind something out of the ordinary, there’s Sufi (fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella and aubergine).

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Ox & Tomato

You’ve definitely seen these cafes spread out around the city and if you’ve never been inside before, let us tell you what you’re missing out on. Their thin-crust pizzas are absolutely divine, and we’d definitely recommend the Spanish Fiesta, with enough tomato and cheese to satisfy any vegetarian, and The Kitchen Sink (it’s so deliciously messy you have to eat it over your kitchen sink so not to spill it everywhere).

The Fat Boy

The only thing you need to ever eat at The Fat Boy is their pizzas. Made in a beautiful wood-fired oven (no seriously, you should see it!), these pizzas are perfect. They only come in one size, but it’s the perfect size for two people to share. Even better, you can get it half and half, if you don’t want to eat the same thing. Aptly named The Fat Boy, their four-cheese pizza has mozzarella, pecorino, goat’s cheese and ricotta with tomato and herbs to balance it all out. For non-vegetarians, give the Stud Boy a shot.

Superstar Pizza

For those who don’t know, Superstar Pizza has been inspired by Rajinikanth. The walls are adorned with posters and quotes of the man himself, and every single pizza is named after his movies or iconic moment in those movies. The pizza menu is split into Action Scene, Romance and Comedy and each section has ten pizzas each, so your options are endless. In honour of one of his biggest hits, we’ll recommend the Neruppu Da for non-vegetarians and Laka Laka Laka for vegetarians.

The Miner Diner

What makes The Miner Diner pizzas different from everyone else’s is that the base is actually a waffle. That’s right! They have waffle pizzas! Give the Veg Feast a shot - it’s loaded with cheese and vegetables and is the perfect treat for any vegetarian. But if you want something with a little more bite (and meat), we’d recommend the Chilli Corn Carne with beef mince and jalapenos. Most of their menu features great waffle-based dishes, so try everything at least once, and you won’t be sorry.

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The Farm

The Farm is one of our favourite places to head to when it comes to dining in the lap of nature. The place is filled with greens, and the cafe makes all of their dishes from the ingredients that they grow in their farms. They make some of the freshest pizzas in the town with freshly picked veggies and homemade cheese. These are baked in huge woodfire ovens! Along with their vegetarian delights, do try their Goan Chorizo pizza. You can also give them a hand at making them. 

Bermuda Triangle

Located in Anna Nagar East, Bermuda Triangle is just as its name suggests. You will be absolutely lost in the sweet taste. While they have a lot to offer from their continental delights, it is their pizza which steals the show. They have something called as fried pizza. Confused? Take a bite at the pizza which is fried with cheese, onions, capsicum and red sauce stuffing and you'll know why it has made it to the list. 

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Chicago Pizza

Ever craved a pizza but found it to be too much to finish it all by yourself? Head to Chicago Pizza which sells single slice pizzas from an 18-inch round piece with your favourite toppings. You could go for their non-veg overload, which features different kinds of spicy, meaty toppings or you could go for the simple old margarita. The place is mostly for take-away though, so you could grab a few slices to head home and enjoy the lot with your favourite episode of FRIENDS. 


Who said pizza isn't romantic enough? Piccante presents to you a dine-in with candlelights, music and your favourite pizza. With a glass of sparkling wine, you can enjoy the perfect date night. All of their pizzas are brick oven-baked pizzas and come with crunchy yet moist bread. For the love of cheese, go for their tomato with mozzarella and basil pizza, or you could choose to go for their saucy teriyaki chicken pizza! You could even take a look at how they make it at their open kitchen.

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Eagle Boys Pizza

With five outlets across the city, Eagle Boys Pizza is doing an A-1 job with their thick, cheesy pizzas. Ask their regulars and they will tell you all about how creamy their sauce is under that bed of cheese. Go for their veg lovers pizza which is said to be their signature. They do midnight delivery too, so enjoy pizza at all time of the day!

Pizza Deli

Cheesy garlic bread, pork pizzas and fun games to play till 2 am! Pizza Deli is all for it. Their Chicken Curry and Minced Lamb pizzas are perfect for the Indian palette and come with spicy masalas. In veg, give their Paneer Masala a shot. 

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