Round Up Your Crew And Play Laser Tag At These Places In Town

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For some it is a stress buster while to others, it is just a pathway to enter an alien world. Laser tag is all fun and namma Chennai has several arenas where you can engage in a game of shoot. So what are you waiting for? Start making plans with your gang, aim, shoot and have a blast! Check out our curated list of the best places where you can play laser tag.

Game On

Anna Nagar's only indoor laser tag facility, Game ON!  This place has an Avatar-themed arena, which will make you feel like you’re in Pandora! For 15 minutes of laser tag, they charge INR 250, and for a half-hour, it is INR 400. You’ll need a minimum of three people, and a maximum of 15 in total. With advanced equipment, especially a pro-gun which tells you your scores you'll bee thrilled to only keep your eyes on the prize! Equipment is provided, so just bring your enthusiasm! You can always walk in for a game but on weekends, prior booking is required. 

Asgard Entertainment

Maze-like arena with black lights, smoke effects, and up-tempo game sounds, Asgard Entertainment promises you the complete experience. The Vest and Phaser are equipped with built-in sensors on the front, shoulders, and back. So, each time a sensor is hit, it vibrates, gets recorded and is transmitted real-time to the score screen. The minimum requirement is 3 players and the maximum is 10. For 15 min, they charge INR 295 including taxes. They have a 1+1 package where 6 -10 people can play one hour of laser tag and get the next hour free for INR 4,200. So, that would work out to INR 500 per person for two whole hours of gaming. Let’s go!

Chaos Entertainment

Popular among Chennaites, Chaos Entertainment has eight modes for gamers to choose from and can house a maximum of 15 people. They also have the stealth mode, where the power is cut towards the end of the game to make the experience more intense. The price for a game would cost you INR 250 for each player. Prior booking is always recommended.

G Sector

Spanning across 1,900 sq ft, G-sector gaming arena has a Star Wars theme - R2D2 and droid illustrations, which 3-10 people can enjoy. You can play individual matches or team battles. This place doesn’t have VR, but feel free to let your imagination take over. They charge INR 250 per person for 15 minutes and INR 500 per person for a 30-minute match. Game on, bros!


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