From Backyards To Grandma’s: Here Are The Best Restaurants You Must Try In Chennai

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The food scene in Chennai has been up and coming and it's pretty impossible to capture it all at once. But, here's a few of Chennai's fave restaurants and if you've tried them all, YAY! If you haven't there's still time - cross these off your (bucket) list!

Paati Veedu

Grama does know best (amirite), and this multi-storey bungalow type restaurant guarantees a sure visit (multiple times, even). The Chettinadu pillars, vintage radio, and bright walls will make you pick up your phone and call paati. Dishes like Vazhaippo Vadai, Thengai Pal Thalipu Idyappam, Morr Kozhambu, Vatha kozhambu, and panagam will assure a few finger licks. 

Bagel Pot

One of the only restaurants that serve authentic, handcrafted bagels (more than 15 kinds of schmears!), you must pay a visit if you haven’t already. The minimalist but cute decor coupled with the sweetest chefs and waiters will make your time magical. They’ve got pasta, pizza, and desserts, too - this is a reminder in case you get lost in them bagels. The food is super affordable and they've got amazing combos, too. 

Spice Klub

A little fun with food couldn’t get funn-er, a meal at Spice Klub guarantees a satisfied belly and some laughs. Edible plastic bags of garlic powder, mango frozen at -190 degrees, and delicacies that explode in your mouth, this restaurant is all kinds of dazzle. 

Pumpkin Tales

Can’t have a list of yum restaurants and leave out Pumpkin Tales, which has become every millennial's go-to restaurant. If you love diversity, this place is perfect - they’ve got veggies, meat, and vegan options in Asian, Italian, Thai, Vietnamese, and Japanese cuisines. Their brekkie options and morning glory bowls are the best, don’t miss it. Also, this is an all-women run restaurant, so yay for women!

The Bark

It’s not every day that a pet-friendly cafe opens up, and The Bark superseded our expectations. The dreamy views and delicious food apart, they’ve got a beautiful backyard for our furry friends. Most dog carers take their buds there every day! The menu, which has everything from fries to pasta, changes often so you’re in for a surprise. Want to know more pet-friendly cafes to take your pawsome friends? Check them out here.

Food Nirvana

We love our pizzas and burgers but on those nights when you just want some ghar ka khaana, Food Nirvana is truly our Nirvana. Grab seconds of dishes such as dal methi chaman, dal makhani, and vegetable jalfrezi and bite into their cheesy malai broccoli

Fusilli Reasons

You gotta be (fu)silli if you’ve never been to Chennai’s fave pocket-friendly Italian restaurant. Go nom-nom over gooey Italian sauces and creamy desserts without your wallet emptying up here. 

Soy Soi

Bao Tacos, Thai mangoes, and sweet loads of rice, that’s the secret to get peeps queuing up outside your restaurant and Soy Soi does just that. Get in, gorge on authentic dishes from Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Burma and Singapore, and after all that delish food, try to get up and get out. 


Who says you can’t have dessert as a meal? This tiny place with pink doors and cosy vibes is known for best desserts in town. They’ve got half-baked brownie batter, a quirky range of flavours, and yum toppings - all this at budget prices. Don’t forget to try their flavour of the month and be prepared to wait for a bit on weekends because it can get crowded. But we bet you’ll love every bite of it! 


Terrace garden, power bowls, and a Mediterranean theme, Cakebee has become super popular in the city. Check out their BMT pizza, Quinoa Tabbouleh, and a wide range of desserts to fill you up. 

Kappa Chakka Kandhari

The ultimate place to relish authentic Kerala cuisine, this restaurant has mouth-watering dishes like Idiyirachi (beef fry), egg roast, and pedi kochi curry. Eat this and you’ll feel like you’re in Kerala. 

Writer’s Cafe

With an added ice cream lab, it’s impossible to exclude Writer’s Cafe from this list. The ice cream lab serves 32 flavours and there are vegan options, too. Not a big fan of ice cream? Munch on yummy food and read a book or two; your day will go great. 

BOATS (Based On A True Story)

Walls filled with pages from novels and comic books, live music, and kickass cocktails - true story, BOATS changed our lives. Sausage, nachos, and cocktails, no better place to get the party started!

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