From Express Foot Massages To Relaxing Balinese Therapies: Unwind At These Spas Across Town

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Relaxation, stress reliever, or how Chandler says it, " Leaving My Worries Behind," spa sessions have become a mandate in everyone's life. What with he amount of tension and running around each person does. Chennai has several spa options but which ones have the best service or the best masseuse? We have all the deets. Here's a list of spas that you can check into for those I-Love-Myself moments.


A popular spa with several outlets across the city, drop by Oryza for an invigorating session. You can get a dry Thai massage starting at INR 2,300 for 60 minutes  — Thai massages work great to loosen tight muscles especially if you’re working a desk job all day long. You can choose different oils {pick anything from cooling lavender oil to refreshing lemongrass} for an aromatherapy massage {which we tried} that starts at INR 2,600. We weren’t particularly fond of the worn out walls in the therapy room we were in but the masseuse was polite and professional and the massage did its job!

Price: INR 2,600 upwards

O2 Spa

After a hard day’s work { of shopping} O2 Spa is the perfect place to get a massage especially for your feet. This spa is open across malls like Phoenix Marketcity and Express Avenue where head massages start at just INR 400 and foot massages at INR 1,000. If you want to go all out try the Swedish massage for around INR 3,000. Steep, yes, but it’s a whole hour of complete relaxation! It’s perfect after a day spent at the mall of constantly walking around. Give those tired feet some lovin’. Go on now and treat yo’self!

Chennai Floats

Technically you can’t get a massage here but what you can do is slip into another dimension of relaxation!  All you need to do is get inside a futuristic-looking sound-proof floatation tank that is filled with 600 litres of water and 500 kilos of Epsom salt. This is said to reduce soreness and aches and detox the skin. You could choose a duration of about 60 or 90 minutes { which costs about INR 2,995 and INR 3,995}. Ready to enter a world of blissful quietude?

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Chakra Urban Spa

A plug-in brand with Toni and Guy and Essensuals { and part of the Paulsons group}, this spa comes with a host of services. You can get a Balinese massage {that uses oil} starting at just INR 1,500 for an hour and INR INR 1800 for an hour and a half. A sweet deal, we think. There’s also the Bamboo massage that uses hollow bamboo canes { instead of the therapist’s hands} which is an ancient Chinese therapy that helps you relax. Get this for the same price as well. Want something quicker? You can get a 20 minute back and shoulder rub/ foot rub starting at just INR 250. We’re ready for this one!

Manthra Bali Spa

We personally absolutely love Balinese massages and if you do too, check out Manthra Bali Spa on Khan Nawaz Khan Road. The prices are a bit steep, but they offer a variety of services. There’s the Bali Yoga Massage that involves a deep massage and light stretching {for those stubborn knots}  that starts at INR 3,750 and Warm Stone Massage Therapy too. If you’re adventurous, you can even add the Ear Candle therapy to your massage for an additional 30 minutes {and yes, it’s as straightforward as it sounds; there’s going to be a candle melting over your ear that’s apparently very therapeutic}.

Price: INR 3,750 upwards

Antahpura Spa, Park Hyatt

If you really want to indulge in some pampering, drop by this spa at Park Hyatt if you don’t mind the splurge. Inspired by ancient Indian rituals they have massages ranging from Tamil herbo-mineral healing to Chettinad therapies like the Chettinad Poultice. It is a 90 minute therapy that costs INR 5500 and includes the use of Chettinad herbs like clove, pepper, ginger and turmeric steamed in a muslin cloth. This is pressed onto the body and it is said to relieve aches and pains. They have six indulgent spa rooms and even offer feature steam, sauna and hot and cold shower options. Ah, bliss!

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Located in Besant Nagar and in OMR, Senza spa has gained popularity over the years-  not just for their massages but for their fish pedicure as well. With seven different kinds of foot massages, nobody can love our feet the way they do. They also have different scrubs and wraps, and the best of the lot is their Senza signature aromatherapy massage. You most certainly will be a different person when you step out. If there is too much stress and you want to release it all, check out their full-body stress buster therapies. They also have a cute couple's massage room.

Price: INR 2,500 upwards

Amrtam By The Palms Spa

Book a session in advance here as they are full almost all the time. Naturally, that is how good they are in the business. They offer a series of rejuvenating massages that leave you wanting for more. Their signature massages include the Swedish, Balinese, Thai and classic deep tissue and aromatherapy. All their masseuses are internationally trained and make sure you have the best one and a half hours of their life. Besides the massages, they also offer the Matrix Rhythm Therapy, a first in Chennai that helps you get rid of muscular pain.

Price: INR 3,000 onwards

Aarti Gutta's Spa & Salon

From haircuts to makeup, Aarti Gutta's Spa & Salon is a hit among celebrities and us (civilians) alike! Besides the makeup, this new spa is worth a try. With three beauty rooms, two spa rooms, and well-trained attendants, you have a new pampering spot in the city. Their Swedish and deep tissue massage costs INR 1,800 for an hour. Imported massage oils and creams, each message session goes on for an hour and a half. Follow it up with a hot water bath and we bet you will sleep like a baby.