Groovy Dances To Movie Nights, Check Out The Best Things To Do At Night In Chennai

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With the creative and traditional hub that Chennai has become, it is no longer a city to sleep early. As the red of the evening slowly crawls onto the sunny blue sky, new opportunities pop up in the horizon. From eating your way to watching some killer movies, there are a lot of things you can do after the sunset. Check out our curated list of the best things to do at night in Chennai for all the deets. 

Cultural Evenings

With a plethora of traditions surrounding the city, Chennai is one of the hubs in Southern India when it comes to dance, singing and drama. If you want to immerse yourself in the rich heritage of Tamil Nadu, head to Kalakshetra where they host a number of dance and music events. You can spectate magnificent Bharatnatyam performances with Carnatic vocals too. 

Pub Hopping

In the land of Thalaivaa, dancing can never get old. With a few drinks at hand and bites to chew, you can let your frustration out in the evening at various pubs and bars across the city. Click here to find out about the best clubs in Chennai. Click here to know more about the best ladies night out places. 

Drive Along ECR

As scenic as the roads of ECR may be during the day, we understand it doesn't make much sense to drive along the road at night. But trust us, the goal at the end of it is what you are driving for. With the roads being less bustled late at night, you can drive along ECR, making stops along the way at roadside dhabas. At the end of a busy day, the cool, salty breeze from the ocean will surely relax you at night. Click here to find out the best things to do in ECR.

Movie Night At A Drive-In Theatre

The movie mania is ever so real in Namma Chennai. You cannot not be a movie freak while you are in the city. Home to some of India's best and oldest theatres like Sathyams and Vettri's, have you really lived the city if you haven't heard the hoots to Rajnikanth and watched people groove outside a movie hall to a Vijay song. The fan fest is real! The best way to experience one of these is in an open-air theatre. Head to Madras Open Air Threatre at IIT Madras as they screen movies every Thursday or book tickets at Prarthana Drive-in movie theatre by the beach.  With breezy evenings and a perfect movie to watch, it will be quite fun! 

Walk By The Beaches

As the sun sets and crowd melts, the best place to see the stars and enjoy bites is by the beach. With reddening sky and the sun going down, walks by the Marina Beach or Elliot's beach is truly relaxing. You can see lights twinkling up by the beaches. You can enjoy some street food, play some games or just watch the waves crash at the beach too. If you want to have a quieter time, you can head to Thiruvanmiyur beach. If you are lucky, you can see some planktons light up with the waves. 

Late Night Snacks

With the city howling with food lovers, you will never get any less of food even as late as 3 in the morning. If you are one of those night owls, then the city has late-night places to satisfy your midnight cravings. You can satisfy your sweet tooth at Cream Stone or have a grab at Mathsya. If you want a proper spicy meal, you can head to New Andhra Meals Hotel which is open till 2 in the morning.

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Go On A Haunting Experience

Night hour is the devil's hour. If you are feeling a little daring at night, then we have just the thing for you to do. With its own set of folklores and stories surrounding legends, head out to the most popular places which are said to be haunted. May it be the tale of a mentally ill wife who died in De Monte Colony or the eerie roads of Besant Nagar, true or not, these will make your skin crawl. Click here to know more about the top haunted places in Chennai.


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