Weekends Will Never Be Lazy Again With These Fun Courses We Found For You In Chennai

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Weekends need not always mean lazing around in PJs and regretting wasting time later. We've created a list of fun courses that you can take in Chennai during the weekend and put a pause on Netflixing and introverting!

Combat Kinetics, Chennai

With 9 branches all over the city, Combat Kinetics has been influencing the fitness scene in Chennai greatly. While most of their programmes fall on weekdays, targeted personal training can be given based on a flexible timeline. Do check out their website for extensive information about the programmes offered.

German Lessons From Harika Srinivasan

Learning a new language is always on everyone’s bucket list. If you have considered learning German, forget the never vacant slots at Goethe Institut.  Instead, learn from private tutors like Harika Srinivasan who takes one-on-one lessons at a location of your convenience. You can enrol for her A1 exam course that comes with an immersive field visit, flashcard technique and flexible timings during the weekend. She charges INR 18,000 for the entire level.

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Learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu From Four Pillar Fight Academy

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art that focuses on grappling and ground fighting. This art form teaches techniques that can be used by a smaller, weaker person to take on and defend themselves from a bigger and stronger person. Four Pillar Fight Academy conducts Jiu-Jitsu and other martial arts classes during the weekend and you should totally sign up!

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Learn Carnatic Music At Atman By Nandhini Chaari

Atman is a school of Carnatic music run by Nandhini Chaari, a Chennai-based Carnatic and playback singer. You can take basic Carnatic lessons from her and she is a friendly tutor who conducts these classes at her home. Fee structure and other details can be revealed upon request.

Learn Tailoring from Chennai Tailoring Institute

Chennai Tailoring Institute has been conducting tailoring, jewellery making, embroidery design and fashion designing since 1979. This iconic place also conducts weekend lessons for both genders across all age groups and we think this is a neglected life skill you should consider learning for sure.

Play Ultimate Frisbee With Blitzkrieg

Blitzkrieg is one of the best Ultimate Frisbee clubs in India and they are open to including newbies in their weekend training sessions. They are usually scheduled at Elliots Beach from 6 AM during the weekend and learning this new sport might put a sweet spin to your fitness regime. If you get better at it, you can even start representing their club in official tournaments. You could ping them on Instagram for more details!

Pottery Lessons From Malini Pottery

Malini runs one of Chennai's best pottery classes. She takes one on one lessons for basic, intermediary and advanced courses. You can schedule the classes in the weekend and according to your time schedule, but do submit a clear timetable while you enrol. Her basic level pottery course consists of forty sessions and she says it can be spread through one whole year or lesser. She covers modern, traditional and contemporary art in these forty sessions and charges INR 45,000 for them. 

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Digital Marketing And SEO From The Creating Experts

The Creating Experts conduct SEO and PHP training classes across multiple branches in Chennai. They train with real-time scenarios that the students find easy to understand and grasp quickly. Classes can be scheduled in the weekend according to your schedule and their website has all the information. SEO can be an effective tool to learn at this digital age and could boost your resume to a great extent.

Learn Yoga At Chennai Yoga Studio

This yoga studio is located in Anna Nagar and offers Vinyasa style yoga classes, kids yoga and teacher training for yoga teachers. Their weekend programme includes Vinyasa power yoga and restorative power yoga training. These happen on Saturday mornings. With a group of boss ladies training the students, this studio is the place where you can meet a ton of interesting minds!

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What classes do you take during your weekends? Let us know in the comment section below!


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