Feast Mode On: Here's Where You Can Order Biryani By The Kilo In Chennai

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Whether it’s for a wedding or a party or just because biryani is bae, we did a little digging for you, so that all you have to do now is pick up the phone and place your order by the kilo. It really is as simple as that.

Nawaab Sheikh Palace

Get Mughalai cuisine at its best here, but you can also get it in the comfort of your own home. Their food covers everything from biryani to Arabian specialties and the food is delicious, as you can imagine. But they also have Bucket Biryanis {which is available as ½kg or 1kg} that you can order for delivery. All their bucket biryanis come in Vegetarian, Chicken and Mutton and some of the options you’ve got are Madras/Awadhi Biryani {INR 1,380 for chicken}, Nawaab Sheikh Special Biryani {INR 1750 for mutton} and Lahori Kheema Biryani {INR 1820 for mutton}.

Where: 10, MGR Road, Opposite IIFL Towers, Perungudi

Contact: 044 32223003 or 044 32223004

Fill Belly

This is definitely the quirkiest and most appropriate name for a biryani restaurant. While they don’t have a brick-and-mortar store, they definitely deliver all over the city and all you have to do is book in advance and they will bring it to you within 24 hours. They have three different types of biryanis that you can order – Tamil Muslim, Hyderabadi and Bangalore – all of which are available in Mutton, Chicken and Vegetarian depending on your preference.

Where: Gandhi Nagar, Adyar, Chennai

Contact: 7200082333

Price: Tamil Muslim Mutton {INR 1750}, Hyderabadi Chicken {INR 1400}, Bangalore Veg {INR 850}

You can place your order via their website or get their app.

Mughal Biryani

All of their biryani is halal, of high quality and extremely hygienic, which guarantees you a delicious treat with every spoonful. And they deliver right to your front door, what more do you want? They have the usual offerings, but in the Mughalai style {obviously}, so you get to choose between Mutton and Chicken, and there’s also an option to get your biryani with a little more meat. Mughalai Mutton Biryani with 1kg of meat is INR 1400, but if you want it with 1.5kg of meat, it will be INR 1700. The same goes for the Mughalai Chicken Biryani which is INR 1100 for 1kg of meat, while you can get it at INR 1300 for 1.5 kg of meat.

Where: 677/576, EVR Periyar Salai, Aminjikarai

Contact: +91 9003539319 or +91 9003283859

Tasneem Ayub's Ammees Kitchen

Ammee’s Kitchen {run by Tasneem Ayub} has been a well-known name all over Chennai for a while now and if you’ve never heard of her biryanis, then you’re definitely missing out! It’s like having food cooked by your mother or grandmother, because there’s a little love in the food. And she’s got an incredibly exciting menu, which includes the usual kinds of biryanis that we’re all used to, but she’s also got a Sheekh Kebab Biryani {INR 2000}, a Paneer Kofta Biryani {INR 1000} and a Channa Biryani {INR 750}!

She takes orders from 10am to 6pm, and if you order in advance, you can get the food delivered to you on time. You can also order Mutton Biryani {INR 1700}, Chicken Biryani {INR 1350} and Vegetable Biryani {INR 900} by calling first thing in the morning!

Where: Ramapuram Main Road, Chennai

Contact: +91 9884098631

You can find her entire menu on Facebook


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