This Online Brand Makes Adorable Polka Dotted And Cartooned Hair Accessories!


    What Makes It Awesome

    The tresses you have grown, girl, deserve some attention too. We are not just talking about haircare here but ways to pretty it up! Bling Bow House, an online store, makes handmade bows in all forms for you to wear. Your hair or on your collar, little colourful bows can add cuteness to anything. Made from leftover and reusable fabrics, you can get them in the form of hair ties, hair bands, hair clips, and so much more here. 

    Looking to add a bit of glam to your high ponytail? Go for Bling Bow House's bunny band. These little bows pop right out of your head like little baby rabbit ears. Their pigtails bows fit in perfectly on half ponies as well as braids! You can wear them just like Minnie Mouse wears them or perhaps how Blossom in The Powerpuff Girls wore them. If you are looking for a bow on your hair bun, then you go for their little combs with a bow on top to keep your hair perfectly in place. For those with short hair, don't worry. You can choose from their little bow clips too! Or get a side ponytail with their medium or small-sized bows. They have sets with clips, ties and combs too. 

    The colours and patterns of bows are endless. They have ones with funny Cheetah prints, lacy ones, satin ones with stripes and even solid colours of magenta, pastels and fuschia! Bling Bow House makes twisted headbands too. You can get them with glitters or even in floral patterns. We also love their scrunchies and ties that comes with a hair scarf. You can just wear it like how you wear your normal scrunchie. 

    They have a special Festive Collection which features bows made out of Banarasi silk fabrics, Kalamkari and even Ikat patterns. We particularly love their Fuschia coloured bow with gold zari work which comes with a latkan! The prices start at just INR 40. 


    They have bow ties to wear with your formal apparel as well. Solid blacks or retro polka dots, you can buy them in all sizes.