This Nursery And Its #View Is What Instagram Dreams Are Made Of

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Fulfill your green craving at Blossom Associates Nursery Farms, a nursery on TTK Road, which has plants, gardening accessories & equipment, and all-things-green.

What Makes It Awesome

The grey walls at this nursery garden are ironic, you will know why as you enter. Creepers, ivy climbing, and the smell of fresh flowers in different colours will leave you with a broad smile. Amidst the bustle of the city is this nursery which takes you to another world. How could we forget the green trails which are super Insta-worthy.

The chances you will head out without picking up a plant are minimum. If you’re looking for something small in your balcony, you can get bonsai or a money plant and hang them up. If you’re in the full-on gardening mode, you can choose from areca palm, red and pink hibiscus, roses (red, white, pink), lilies, bougainvillaea, ladies’ slipper orchid, and Nerium Oleander starting INR 200. We also found some exotic flowers like Clustered Bellflower and Canterbury Bells.

If you’re looking for plants with less maintenance, go for Dracaena, English Ivy, or weeping fig, all of these are leafy plants without flowers. And if you’re looking for herbs, yay! We found rosemary, basil, and thyme here! For those who like the non-flowering category, check out their succulents and cacti collection. We also found several pot hangers of different sizes. If you’re not sure what plant to choose, just take a walk around the nursery and check out their beautiful creepers. We're sure you'll make up your mind pretty soon. Oh, and did we mention how #InstaGoals this place is? 

What Could Be Better

There is no official signboard yet, so locating this nursery is a tad hard. Look for a black gate and you can spot the plants immediately. 


This nursery also offers consultation services on setting up your plants and will also help take care of them once it’s set up.