Unleash Your Inner Ranveer Singh With Funky Casuals At This Store In Arumbakkam

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What Makes It Awesome

Affordability and trendy is sort of synonymous when it comes to Boutique World in Arumbakkam. Confused? Let us tell you the tale of how these guys spin out funky collections of casual and formal wear for men. Offering a vast range of in-house and branded t-shirts, shirts, joggers and accessories, this store has everything a man could possibly want to dress up for a hot work day or a casual beach day. 

You can find funky graphic tees for as much as INR 250 at the Boutique World store. These graphic tees come in various colour gradients and styles. We found a blushing Deadpool in his boxers and even a 'We Are Venom' written in a nailbiting font! They even store some funky, active tank tops which make for perfect gym wear. From 'six-pack coming soon' for beginners to 'gym beast' with a hot skull, there's something for everyone here.

Coming to the shirts, apart from the classic white, blues, pinks and black shirts, you will also find some twisted and floral prints. You can get these for just INR 499.  Remember some eccentric animal prints that we have caught Ranveer Singh pull off? You could possibly do that too with their shirts. We found a Versace rip-off shirt which had a mix of zebra and tiger prints and boy, would it make one look like a stud! You can also find bold, floral black and white shirts too. Apart from that, Boutique World also offers copies of Adidas sliders and Nike sports shoes at budget prices.

Leather banded analogue, and digital watches and suede banded ones are up for grabs too. You will also find a variety of deos and perfumes to complete your look of the day! 


They even have beanies, hats, caps and wallets to go. The coolest ones we found were Marvel Glasses rip-offs. The exact ones that Tony Stark gifted Peter Parker (don't expect an inbuilt 'Edith' though).