Have You Tried This Chilli Chocolate Brownie Made From The Hottest Pepper On Earth?

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The Brown Hut

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The Brown Hut at Nungambakkam makes seven kinds of brownies including Chilli Chocolate, made from India's spiciest chilli pepper!

What Makes It Awesome

You’ve probably heard of chocolate brownie and walnut brownie, but have you ever heard of a chilli chocolate brownie? The Brown Hut makes these from Bhut Jolokia, certified by Guinness World Records (2007) as one of the world’s hottest chilli pepper. This chilli is 400 times hotter than Tabasco sauce! We tried it and experienced a rush of spice and sweet all at once! 

The Brown Hut’s home-baked brownies will #MakeYourDay a whole lot better. You can get 250 grams for INR 220. You can make your brownie in just three simple steps. Choose a brownie from flavours like triple chocolate, caramel, brookies, walnut, Ferrero Rocher, and Nutella. Next, pick a brownie sauce, they have white and dark chocolate and caramel. Top that off with some yum throw-ins like KitKats, Oreos, peanut butter, and walnuts! 

The Brown Hut has eggless brownies, too. These brownies are made in tiny batches to make sure they taste fresh, so try these out next time you have a sugar craving. 


If you have bizarre, new brownie suggestions, drop them a message on Instagram, and they will create them. 


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