From Oceanmint To Nalangu Maavu, These Handmade Soaps Are For All Skin Types, So Hoard Up

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Bubble Boat

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Get handmade soaps with all-natural oils and herbs from Bubble Boat. 

What Makes It Awesome

If you’re very particular on avoiding chemicals in your bath and body products, you may want to give Bubble Boat a shot. They make all-natural bath products with organic materials, oils, and fresh herbs to make sure your skin stays soft and safe. 

They make soaps in more than 15 flavours and some contain a combination of goat milk and essential oils. Choose from fruity flavours like Papaya and Carrot or from good old traditional bases like Nalangu Maavu (made from organic herbs), Sandalwood, Aloe Vera, and Neem. Bubble Boat's goat milk specials include mixes with Shea Butter, Coffee, Red Wine, and Honey. 

The fastest-moving is the Ocean Mint, with its deep shades of azure which will transport you to water and waves. The art on these soaps is also different and the mild compounds Bubble Boat uses, makes them good for any kind of skin. 


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