Add To Your Healthy Kitchen With Organic And Natural Snacks From This Store In Kolathur

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What Makes It Awesome

We know how guilty one can feel after hogging fried food and chocolates (we feel it every lunchtime). But it isn't much of a task going healthy if you have all the right ingredients and munchies to hog on. Luckily for us, we found Bucoholic store in Kolathur that sells all of those natural and organically grown snacks which can do magic in your kitchen. From millet products to natural sweeteners, their range of munchies is delish. 

Bucolic gets its honey from farms and villages across South India. You can choose from neem honey to Jamun honey (obtained from Jamun flower), each of which comes in two varieties of single flora and multiflora. You can buy them at just INR 240. They also have palm jaggery and palm candy which work as the perfect substitute for sugar. If you are looking for more sweetening options, then you can opt for country sugar which is obtained from sugarcane.

In snacks, their millets are one of their healthiest ones to go for. Plus, you can have them for breakfast, lunch and dinner; they taste yum and fill you up easily as well. Bucolic has a range of millet 'ready-to-make' items in store too. You can choose from their ragi flakes or little flakes or Kodo flakes to have with milk every morning. Or you could stir up halwa or upma with their vermicelli. They have pearl vermicelli, ragi vermicelli, Kodo vermicelli, Banyard vermicelli and foxtail vermicelli too. Makes for some healthy substitute, doesn't it?


They do home delivery across Chennai for orders above INR 500.


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