Gajar Halwa To Creamy Malai: Try Not To Drool Over These Ladoo Boxes!

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What Makes It Awesome

Don't know about the real shaadi ke ladoos, but you won't regret indulging in a box from Devika and Rajat's mithai venture. Seema Sharma, Devika's mom has long been appreciated in the family for her delightful mithais and while sending out invites for Devika and Rajat's wedding, Sharma decided to send boxes carrying her mithai to friends and fam. Garnering appreciation from everyone, this Delhi couple decided to take Sharma's recipes and share her wonderful creations with everyone - that's how Shaadi Ka Ladoo came into being.  What a sweet way to pay tribute to Sharma! 

Delivering over 20 different types of ladoos across Delhi, Mumbai, Rajsthan and Bangalore, we're in love with Shaadi Ka Ladoo's mithai boxes. Luxurious but packing a solid, desi punch, try stopping yourself at one or two motichoor ladoos (we couldn't). Malai ladoo, coconut ladoo, besan ladoo, gondh ladoos, milkcake ladoo, choco vanilla ladoo, pinni ladoo, mawa till ladoo - these guys keep experimenting with new flavours - all made with the freshest ingredients inside Sharma's kitchen. The sweetness is also just right, but you can also get them customised to your liking. 

Catering to weddings, baby showers, festive occasions, and more - the minimum order quantity is 25 boxes. Prices start from INR 750 for a box of 12 ladoos and INR 1000 for a box of 12 assorted ladoos (pre-order requirement is four to five days). Since these are all homemade and have no preservatives, the shelf-life of these bomb delights ranges from four days to 10 depending on the type of ladoos. 


Sugar-free ladoos can be made as well. Gond, besan ladoo and coconut fudge ladoo are their bestsellers. 

They're also planning to add barfis and other Indian sweets to the list.


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