Pickles & Dips To Superfoods: This Food Label Is Your Ticket To Flavourful Meals

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What Makes It Awesome

Do you know what makes our homemade pickles taste so good? It's the fresh ingredients they use and how they nurturing them with flavours that are true to our roots that makes them so special. Sadly, not all of us are blessed with those traditional recipes making us resort to store-bought pickles that do the job but come loaded with preservatives or artificial colours. In that, the Little Farm Co has been a lovely revelation. Based out of Gurugram, this online food brand is offering handmade pickles and dips made with organic vegetables grown in their own farm. They only use rock salt and unadulterated vinegar to preserve the pickles, and even most of the spices they use are produced in their own farm. 

Their Adrak Hari Mirch pickle and Garlic pickle are absolutely bomb and can spice up any Indian dish like khichdi, plain parathas, dal rice and more. We also tried their South Indian mango pickle and it just tastes divine with curd rice. They've got different types of lemon, mango and red chilli pickle too but we're planning to try their Jalapeno pickle next, because why not? 

The Little Farm Co has got chutneys and dips too. We enjoyed their Jalapeno Garlic dip and it goes really well with crackers and chips but you can also check out other options like Lemon chutney, Amla Garlic chutney and Sweet Mango chutney. They've got chocolate granola, muskmelon seeds, flax seeds, chia seeds, trail mix and mixed, dried berries on offer too. Check them out on LBB Shop! 


Vinegar, mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds and mustard oil are on offer too.


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