This Online Brand Is Giving Women Essentials An Eco-Friendly Spin & We Love It!

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What Makes It Awesome

Founded by two killer women entrepreneurs, Anika Parashar and Roopam Gupta, The Woman's Company is all about helping women (or men for the women in their lives) make eco-conscious choices when it comes to hygiene and wellness products. An online brand, you can shop for a curated range of tailor-made and organic women essentials right from pads to panty liners here. 

Their Stand & Pee sticks were the first to catch our attention, and we were blown! Super easy to carry (you can slip them into your pockets) and also biodegradable, these are perfect for travelling and can help keep all those germs at bay. So simple yet so innovative, we can't wait to get our hands on them! They've got your chums covered too! With their Day pads and Sleep Tight Night pads, you can enjoy a rash-free period cycle, thanks to the organic cotton they use to make them. The Woman's Company has got Teen pads too for those with more petite bodies. These are priced at INR 300 for 12 pads. 

Wondering if they've got menstrual cups? Absolutely. Two sizes (S and M) that supposedly can hold equal to 3 tampons are on offer. Pantyliners made of a soft, compostable top sheet are up for grabs too. You can get a pack of 30 for INR 300. That's not it. The Woman's Company also has a painless, eco-friendly and most importantly budget alternative to monthly waxing. A bamboo razor. Sustainable and carrying a metal head, this one is priced at INR 800. Check them out on LBB now. 


You can even sign up for 3 months, 6 months or a 12 months subscription plan for all their menstrual products on their website. 


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