Head To These Cafes In Mahabs For Delicious Brekkie Starting As Early As 5am!

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If you thought Mahabalipuram is all about heritage, beach-side restaurants and surfing, then hold on. There’s more than just that! The mini getaway from Chennai also has plenty of cafes to check out! From English breakfasts to pancakes and hot chai, we discovered the best places to chill at, as early as 5 in the morning!

Joe's Cafe

Mahab’s cafes are nothing without Joe’s. Just like how a sea food meal is incomplete without visiting the famous Santana, Joe’s is pretty much the stop for some yummy toast, crepes and hot chocolate.

Joe’s, located in one of the bohemian lanes of Mahabalipuram, is perfect to start your day at. We loved their Cappuccino and French Toast to start with. Hot and sweet, it’s the perfect combo! Apart from the many Italian coffees, another favourite from Joe’s, is their crepes and hot chocolate. If you’re driving down to Mahabs on a rainy day, then this is what you should order. Oh and Nutella Banana crepes for the win!

They also have a whole bunch of salt and sweet pancakes to choose from, apart from regular munchies. You might want to try out their fresh croissants, like we did, lazing around on their sit-out overlooking the tiny lane nearby. Chill scenes!

Price: Starting at INR 55

Om Sathya Sai Cafe

This one if the cutest places of the lot! Although not a cafe per say, we still think it deserves a special mention! With a colourful menu board and a petite cooking space, this tea kadai is open as early as 5am and worth the pit stop. The anna here serves up some amazing chai and filter kaapi. You could also order yourself some masala or cheese omelettes and chocolate crepes to go with your morning chai. They have a mini library filled with German books and more than often you’ll find yourself besides tourists from around the world beginning their day at this cozy corner.

Price: INR 100 for two


This latest cafe in Mahabs is so pretty, we think. Little contemporary and a little traditional, Valhallah has more than just one colourful corner. The open cafe serves up some yummy club sandwiches and milkshakes. They also have some cheesy pastas and our favourite, hash browns! The cafe is also a quaint place to sit down and work, unwind and relax at. They even play some music on lazy afternoons. Come here if you wanna just chill.

Price: Starting INR 120

Babu Cafe

Babu Cafe is the place to be if you’re looking for some hippie vibes and missing the hills! The cafe serves up some lip smacking sea food. Starting at INR 300, we loved there fish curry and rice. And being by the coast, their prawns and calamari too are worth a try. While the Tawa Masala is tried and tested, what you could probably dig in to at Babu Cafe is their Pakoras. Onion to Chicken to Prawn, their Pakoras are quite the ideal munchies.

In the mornings, they have a variety of breakfast bowls. Ranging from Shakshouka to Porridge, some Muesli with yoghurt & honey and also fruit salads. All starting at INR 120. This place is filled with international travellers so get socialising! Oh an it is also located right above an Ayurvedic spa!

Price: Starting at INR 120

Gecko Cafe Restaurant

Beachy vibes, but in a place quiet away from the sunny shores? Then Gecko is an apt spot to chill at. With a shack style setup, Gecko with a yellow roof has books for the bibliophile in you and serves all kinds of cuisine. The cafe is known for Chicken Toasts, Spanish Omelettes and some special masala tea.

For your sweet tooth, they have some Chocolate & Coconut Pancakes, apart from classic Nutella ones. We recommend you order one of their homemade thokkus {similar to pickle}. You can choose between chicken, prawns, fish and even vegetarian options.

Price: Starting at INR 90

So the next time you make a pit stop at Mahabs, you know where to stop! We were definitely spoilt for choice and these cafes were perfect to break free from the usual restaurants of the coastal area. Especially if you’re an early bird, then a sip of chai and a bite of toast at these spots is pure bliss.


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