Harry Potter Book Or Kanjeevaram Saree, Anyone? Check Out These Cool 3D Cakes

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If your friend’s a surfer, a bookworm, a Bharatanatyam dancer, it doesn’t matter. Cake Affairs will cater to your needs and customise your cake like a boss. She even does exact cake versions of Harry Potter books.

What Makes It Awesome

Every special occasion demands to be celebrated with a little sweetness and cakes from Cake Affairs. They make your special occasion a tad bit more special. Sushma Rajan, the brain and soul behind Cake Affairs makes cakes that look like rich Kanjeevaram sarees and jewellery (maybe for amma?) to ones that are exact replicas of iconic tomes (she’s made ones that look like The Mahabharata, Harry Potter, and a Napoleon Hill Novel).

Also look out for a cake shaped like biryani in a pot, complete with rice grains and garnish (for your bestie who is a big-time foodie)! That one’s surely going to confuse the brain and palate. These 3D cakes are so detailed that you’ll be left in awe with the craftsmanship that goes into making such masterpieces.


Cake Affairs is not just about cakes, Sushma also bakes cupcakes, cookies and cake pops. She customises cakes to not only look the way you want it to but also gives you the liberty to choose the flavour of the cake. She offers combinations like chocolate and orange, red velvet with raspberry frosting, peanut butter and cream, tiramisu, rasmalai cake and more. Most of her customised cakes are made with a thin layer of fondant that’s not too heavy or sweet but she also has fresh cream cakes with a few 2D and 3D fondant accents.

So, which one are you planning to get? 


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