Going Vegan? We Know Of A Take Away Place You Will Love

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Catalyst Food has been making the vegan transition easier for namma Chennai peeps since 2008. Get to know them here.

What Makes It Awesome

Who said vegan food is boring? Catalyst Food at Anna Nagar is here to help you make that vegan transition with ease. Catalyst Food was founded in 2008 by Marieen, who also co-founded People For Animals in Chennai and turned vegan in 1995. This brand helps people quit meat and paneer by offering replacements. With zero cholesterol, these vegan goodies are a treat for us!

There’s veggynaise (replacing Mayonnaise) in different flavours like original plain, fresh mint, fresh celery, and pepper garlic starting INR 300. For those who feel they need to eat meat to get sufficient protein, don't worry! You can get your daily dose of protein through the Chinese-style vegan protein. It comes in many flavours like Chinese-style Mandarin, Thai-style Satay, South Indian-style Spicy Masala, Smoky Crumbles (bacon flavour mince) & multi-purpose not-nuggets starting INR 250 per box. There’s also veggytables, a replacement for meat, starting INR 100. 


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