Our Love For Ceramics Went Up By A Notch Thanks To This Auroville-Based Artist!

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There is a lot you can discover at Auroville -  from cafes, boutiques, hotels, bakers, this international township can surprise you in more than one way. Discover the work of Adil Writer, a ceramic artist, painter, and architect. 

What Makes It Awesome

Auroville houses some of the fanciest, classy, and sophisticated cafes, boutiques, restaurants, hotels, etc. A hidden secret is that the international township also houses some of the best artists that the country has. One of them being Adil Writer, a ceramic artist, painter, and an architect. 

Find intriguing murals, installations, and pottery at his work station. One of the highlights of his work is that he makes his own clay and gaze - which means the products are lead-free. The ceramic murals make for perfect home decor accessories. 

He has worked on several thematic series and has showcased his work at several exhibitions - both domestically and internationally. His last showcase was at Indian Ceramics Triennale and Porcelain 2018. His paintings are compelling with a story behind each of them. He has also made murals for Sachin Tendulkar and installation for Zaheer Khan. (We just dropped a little factoid there). 

His products are also available at Mandala Pottery Dana in Auroville. 


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