A Tradition From North East! This Store In Aminjikarai Designs And Sells Adorable Wears And Accessories

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What Makes It Awesome

Boho casuals, grunge hippies and so much more, we found a store that sells an adorable collection that makes for a swanky day out. Choose Your Choice (CYC Chennai) store in Aminjikarai offers a wide range of western wear starting from dresses, gowns, shorts, skirts and tees for women. Florals, stripes, sequins, ruffles, ribbed off-shoulders or pastel shades, you will find all the latest trends of the western world right here. Started by a North Eastern designer, Ajuale Zeme, this store is purely created for all the aesthetics.

While hunting for some party wears, we came across some sexy varieties which we are sure to make eyes turn! One of our favourites was a velvet black maxi dress with a cut till the knee and a gorgeous criss-cross back. We also found a blue deep v-neck dress which came with a long ruffled sleeve and pretty yellow and red mixed florals. The golden knit of a belt went perfectly with it to make for a good beachwear! Choose Your Choice store (CYC Store) also has a variety of footwear to offer that could go with your clothes. You could pick up shiny jet black boots to match up with a skater skirt or a hot pink suede stiletto to go with a mustard yellow wrap-around dress.

However, out of everything that we loved, what caught our eye the most was the range of clothes that were designed in-house. Choose Your Choice (CYC Chennai) has a collection of apparel which has been made with inspiration from North-Eastern India. You will find traditional skirts and dresses. Along with it, you can also customise a particular style you'd like. You can always get a cute puffy shoulder dress with red and black stripes just like how they love in the Northeast. One of our favourites was their satin black gown which had a thick asymmetric belt with red, black and white colour blocks. They have accessories to pair up everything with as well.

You could go for head accessories over here as well! A tied-up bandana or a feathery hat, it's a fashion destination of its kind.


They have handmade accessories which can be easily worn with any festive wear or even casual wears. They are made out of beads. All of these have a hint of North Eastern aesthetics with tassels, beads and feathers.

Along with they have tees for men as well. Some of the embroideries are even customisable!


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