Why Co-Optex Will Always Be Chennai’s Iconic Sari Store!

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What Makes It Awesome

The story of Co-optex goes back to 1935 when the label was known mostly for affordable towels and cotton sarees.  Short for The Tamil Nadu Handloom Weavers’ Co-operative Society, this place is a haven for hand-woven saris and traditional prints at budget prices. The spinning success story of Co-optex is still weaving in our hearts after they have become the first one-stop-shop for southern looms. 

Even before handlooms became “cool”, you could find a variety of block prints and Ikat prints on saris here. These saris are made by weavers across Tamil Nadu including Dindigul, Madurai, and Tirupur. You will find saris made from Chettinadu cotton, Koorainadu silk cotton, Coimbatore organic cotton, and Madurai Sungudi cotton. The patterns range from traditional Indian art forms like Pattachitra to majestic elephants and peacocks. But, hey! It’s not all traditional. We also found loads of sarees with modern art and gorgeous stonework and embroidery as well. The cotton saris are priced from INR 250, which makes them super affordable. If cotton if your thing, you can choose from options like Salem cotton, Negamam cotton, and Manamedu Trichy cotton that come in vibrant colours.

Co-optex also has silk and cotton stoles and dupattas made by weavers in Vadambachery, Arupukottai, Vanavasi, and Manamedu areas. You can also buy budget bedsheets, towels, and pillow covers starting INR 200. Yes, there are loads of sari stores in Chennai, but when you shop from Co-optex, you take home a piece of the weaver. Each sari comes with a tag which has a small story about the weaver and their picture. Whether it's for a kalyaanam or for a kutcheri, Co-optex will always have the kind of sari you’re looking for!


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