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Put Your Phones In Lockers & Actually Have A Conversation At This Café In Adyar

    Adyar, Chennai


    Would you check into  Convo@C20 for food and games, and see how long you last without your phone?

    What Make It Awesome

    When was the last time you went to a café to indulge in some good food, without taking pictures for Instagram? Have a conversation without checking in on Whatsapp groups every five minutes here at Convo@C20. The name of the restaurant implies having conversations at Adyar (which is Chennai’s area with the pin code 20).

    As soon as you walk into this café you can drop your phone into the Jammer Corner which has lockers. No coercion here guys, only if you want to. Take the key and step into the café, phone-free, and see what it has to offer. Hungry? They have everything from mains, rolls, snacks to even dessert starting INR 225. Vegetarians can try the one with grilled sweet potato and mint and for non-vegetarians they have a Meaty Bomb with chicken kebab. 

    Each part of the café is divided into specific zones. There’s the Friend Finder Zone with a community table. The idea is to get people talking – if you’ve come in alone, you can hang out here and meet new people maybe as like-minded as you. Or have the whole gang in on it as well. Then there’s the Buddy Bonding Zone where you get to play mini sit-down versions of football and volleyball where you don’t even get out of your chair!

    There’s also something called Shuffleboard which is somewhat similar to carrom. A ready-to-eat counter is always supplied with desserts. For a group of four people, it costs INR 750 totally per hour to play mini football and mini volleyball. A snack and beverage is included in this. There’s also a mini-golf course where you can also play mini-basketball which costs about INR 1,500 for a total group of six.

    So, do you think you can hang around here without a phone? Challenge accepted? Let us know if you succeeded in the comments below!

      Adyar, Chennai