Liquid Nitrogen Banofee Or Chilly Guava Ice Cream Rolls? Get Them At This Dessert Parlour In Anna Nagar

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What Makes It Awesome

Shanthi Nagar’s Cream Creations does ice creams a little bit differently from other places. They’re an exclusively vegan ice cream parlour which makes its ice creams using liquid nitrogen. Yep, they’ve got a mixer that melds the freezing liquid nitrogen with the ice cream, and in less than a minute they’re perfectly blended. Every bite you take has that spooky mist coming out of your mouth, kind of like you ate a ghost. 

As for the flavours, Cream Creations offers a whole host of ice creams you can have made that way (24 in total!), like the fan favourite Banofee, which is toffee and banana topped with hot chocolate fudge sauce and cookie crumbs. We also love their Dotted Saga that has Madagascar Vanilla ice cream blended with figs and topped with honey and roasted almonds. Prices for nitrogen ice creams start from about INR 160. 

You can also get your ice cream made into rolls (similar to cold stone ice creams) and try their thick shakes too! Speaking of ice cream rolls, they have a whacky Chilly Guava ice cream that is exactly as the name suggests - guava ice cream with chilli and salt on top! Prices for ice cream rolls start from about INR 120. If that’s not enough variety, Cream Creations also has pop sticks that you can dunk into a variety of toppings and bite into on the go. 


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