Move Over Waffles, Crepe Canteen Is Giving Us Love At First Bite!

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Crepe Canteen, with soft, fluffy crepes is here to give competition to waffles and pancakes. The battle is real! 

What Makes It Awesome

We have had pancakes, then waffles, and now is the reign of crepes. All the crepe lovers in the house, put your hands up, as Crepe Canteen is in town. Started by a brother-sister duo, Ronak and Khushboo, Crepe Canteen, for now, is only doing takeaways and will soon be starting a store in Alwarpet. We can't wait. 

They have kept it simple and the steps are easy, too. Choose the basic crepe, followed by a choice of sauce. They have options like salted caramel, the basic maple syrup, universally loved chocolate, the ever-lingering peanut butter, the nonchalant vanilla and the always handy, Nutella. Then go for the filling - strawberry, banana or kiwi. If you wish to go with extra toppings you can do that too. Sliced almonds, roasted cashews, white chocolate chips, and crushed Oreos are your choices. We went with the chocolate crepe with banana and strawberry filling. 

The batter is made at the store, no wonder the crepes were delicious. Pour the batter on the tawa and visualise magic being created in front of you. A box comes with six pieces with the filling leaves you wanting for more. The simple maple syrup crepe is priced at INR 100. A perfect choice for breakfast or a quick snack, crepes are here to stay and we say, yeeey! 


Crepe Canteen will have a stall at Buva House on October 5, as part of a festive exhibition. 


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