We Found This Green Cafe In T-Nagar Which Wins Hands Down For Its Gorgeous Ambience

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D Cafe, a quiet café/restaurant is a green hideaway from the city’s chaos, and serves tasty Mexican, Italian and Asian food too.

What Makes It Awesome

This beautiful garden lounge/indoor restaurant/banquet hall/café hybrid is an anomaly in the city’s chaos. Much like the Wild Garden Café at Amethyst, D Café’s allure comes from how isolated it is from the hustle bustle. D Café does this by cutting out the ambient noise with its own features, like a flowing stream, potted plants and shrubs all over and by the indoor restaurant shielding it from the road. Additionally, the emphasis on green is complemented by their predominantly brown décor, like the cane couches, naked brick walls, wooden furniture, and cobbled floors. The combination goes quite well thanks to the strong contrast. There are quirky curios too like a teacup shaped couch and a tiki mask.

The indoor restaurant overlooks the garden area from a glass panel and compared to the lounge outside, just isn’t as pretty.

Their menu features café fare like sandwiches, hot beverages and so on, but in addition to that, it has mains and sides from Mexican, Asian and Italian cuisines. Dishes we enjoyed were the lamb ravioli, quesadillas, chicken satay, and Phuket fish. Speaking of fish, there’s a fair amount of variety for seafood lovers, right from their Pescatore pizza to their Prawn Thermidore. The beverage department has usual suspects like coffees, teas, ice teas, cold coffees, and shakes, which were honestly quite ordinary. The same can be said of their desserts like the sizzling brownie and the fudge walnut brownie. Their café menu also serves their restaurant so you won’t be missing out if you’re sitting inside.

For large groups, they’ve got a banquet hall that you can book and use for parties, get-togethers and so on. Price wise they aren’t too pocket-friendly, with the main dish like a lasagna or pizza setting you back around INR 400 to INR 500 and a cold coffee setting you back INR 200. But then again most places don’t have a venue as they do, so you can call it a tradeoff.

We recommend heading to D Café just for the ambiance, it’s a great place to hang out when the weather’s nice.


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