Throttle Heads! This Store Has Some Fancy Protective Gear For Your Rides!

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What Makes It Awesome

If you're a fan of motorcycle racing legend Valentino Rossi, we're sure you've fancied having the replica of his flamboyantly designed helmets and riding gear. Well, now you're dream of owning VR46-approved, imported gears has come true, as Dainese and AGV has set up a store in Egmore! Dubbed to one of the most recommended brands in the world of motorcycle racing, Dainese & AGV are worn by top-notch racing champions. The Italian brands offer the toughest and the most durable gears, in order to protect the riders from dangerous, high-speed crashes.

The store is easy to locate, thanks to the distinctive blackboards and signs, accompanied by a huge poster of Valentino Rossi himself. We loved their range of colorful, imported helmets, which only weigh as much an iPad! The best helmet from the brand is the AGV Pista GP r, which is made entirely out of carbon fibre. Prices for the Pista GP r start at INR 56,000 for the plain, carbon fibre edition and prices for the VR46 designs, start at INR 76,000. This store is the place to go to if you're looking for premium equipment for you and your superbikes.

Dainese store specialises in racing suits, gloves and boots. We checked out the Dainese D-Air Mugello R suit, which is usually worn by pro riders, who race around circuits. This suit has titanium-plating for the elbows & knees, along with the D Airbag, which extends from the spine to the rib cage. This suit is programmed to fill up with air on the moment of impact, which will soften the crash for the rider, protecting him from broken bones or other serious injuries. The gloves at this store are made of high-quality engineered leather and give you absolute comfort and freedom to handle the machines.

If you're planning a track day with your motorcycle and have the budget, this brand is highly recommended. Click here to find out the Madras Motor Race Track.