Have You Checked This Deli-Style Cloud Kitchen Yet?

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What Makes It Awesome

Do you also love deli-style food because we know a cloud kitchen that's gotten it right! Everything is made from scratch with only fresh and local ingredients. Sounds exciting?  Then hit up Dough Dough Deli. Founded by Harshita Mirpuri, a hotel management student, this place used to sell food from Mirpuris home kitchen, but now you can pick up fresh loaves of bread and more from their cloud kitchen on CP Ramasamy Road.

They have an extensive menu curated for party orders for a minimum of six to eight people. They also cater to course-wise meals for special occasions. The cost per person depends on the final menu, ingredients and services. Apart from this, they've also come up with gourmet combo meals once a week so people can order smaller portions from DDD. You need to pre-order the food. On Instagram, they add their menus on their story and usually they get booked out for the whole week in 24 hours. For example, if the menu is out on Monday they start dispatch from Wednesday till Sunday once they have all orders consolidated. 

DDD is also available on Swiggy where their food is mostly deli-style - like sandwiches, dips, toasties, pastries, eggs etc. They are currently redoing their menu on Swiggy. Harshita also mentioned that they love fusion cuisine too and it is their go-to while innovating or coming up with a new menu for their weekly combo meals or a party order. Since everything is made from scratch, we love that their food ends up being wholesome but also gourmet. 


Before the pandemic, they offered catering from the client's kitchen,  offering freshly cooked food, along with table setup and personalised services. But now, they are keeping it to just deliveries. 


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