Get In Touch With Your Inner Diva At This One-Of-A-Kind-Yoga Studio In Nungambakkam

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What Makes It Awesome

After having set up about five studios in Mumbai, Malaika Arora Khan's and Chennai-based yoga entrepreneur Sarvesh Shashi's Diva Yoga is now operating in Chennai. This 2,500 square feet studio is apparently the biggest of the existing Diva Yoga studios and is located on Kodambakkam High Road. And it's just not the two stars, but also Aishwarya Dhanush who is involved with bringing the brand to Chennai.  

But what really sets this yoga studio apart, you may ask? It is only for women and will offer over 20 different types of yoga, ranging from brick yoga and hot yoga to aqua yoga and wheel yoga. There will also be Zumba and pilates. The teaching approach here also involves a 12-step process focused on mindfulness, healing, strength, awareness, flexibility, posture alignment and toning, among other things. Their main workout area in the studio looks particularly stunning with relaxing vibes to help you focus better. 

As for the timings, Diva Yoga studio opens at 6:30 am and runs till about 9 pm. Membership packages involve a mix of yoga and Zumba workout and range from 30 sessions to unlimited sessions. Price for a 30-sessions membership package starts from about INR 15000. 


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