This Online Store Has The Handmade Mantra To Get A Glowing Skin

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Diyam Mantra

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What Makes It Awesome

Nature's gift to you and you just got the mantra to use it right! Diyam Mantra online store makes and sells handmade aromas and skincare products that not only smells and look delicious but have some soothing feel to the skin as well. If you have the acne-prone skin or cosmetics not doing the deed to you then you could turn to them for some natural ailments. They sell products for face and body. Let's start with their highlight for the catalogue - soaps! 

Shaped in the form of little hearts, honeycombs and chocolate bars, these soaps are handcrafted at home and smell oh so delish! Their aloe vera soap looks so mushy but don't go by that, it is hard enough to take that scrubbing. They have orange peel soap, vertiver soap, oatmeal soap, coffee soap, mulethi soap and multani mithi soap. They have special soap fro tan removal as well and all of them at the price of INR 80 for 75 gms. Diyam Mantra doesn't stop there. They have pink sugar scrubs at INR 60 which look like crystals from the sea. 

They have dry powder face packs and body scrubs as well. Although our favourite of these powders is the hair removal powder. Mix it with water or rose water, apply it on the unwanted hair and remove after 10 mins. Why spend a thousand bucks on waxing! Diyam Mantra has a collection of body soak as well which you can put in your bath water before taking that therapeutic bath. They have lip balms and lip scrubs as well at INR 60! Made out of sugar, cinnamon and vegetable dye, your lips will be asking for all the limelight. 

Don't know about you, I am ordering the pretty things now.


They have pure aloe vera gel as well which you can use independently on face and hair!


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