Chan. Chan. Chan. This Gorgeous Bangle Haven Is What’s Missing From Your Closet

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What Makes It Awesome

Dreams Come True in Egmore has all kinds of bangles and bracelets that are budget and come in all kinds of shades. This iconic store in Egmore's Prince Plaza is a must-visit. We say that because when you enter the store, the only thing that you will see around you is bangles. No matter what the occasion is, this is the one-stop destination for almost every woman in Chennai for bangles. Can you hear gori hain kalaiyan? We can hear it too! Bangles of all shapes, sizes, and colours, Dreams Come True can be your heaven for accessories. 

Each section has the price range labelled right on top that helps you save time while looking. Shop multi-coloured bangles, glass bangles with mirror work, thread work, and stones starting INR 80 (for a set of four bangles). Find loads of metal bangles, some with spirals and triangular designs that are priced starting INR 100 per set. There are huge bangles of 2.6 - 3 inches here, too, and they have intricate, handpainted Indian art on them. These bangles come from Jaipur, Firozabad, and Mumbai. We also found handpainted wooden kangans with cutesy birds and mountains on them. Some of them come with little beads and stonework and are priced from INR 200 upwards. Dreams Come True has some wrist trinkets with little bells, too.

They stock up on bangles in literally every colour, and they have a separate section for bridal bangles as well. Expect silver and oxidised silver bangles ranging between 1.5 to 3 inches with intricate stonework and vibrant colours. Old school glass bangles, chunky wooden ones, and cutesy silver bracelets - dreams do come true at this store. 


Walk a few yards ahead, and they have two more shops that have more bangles (how is that even possible?!), jewellery, quirky hair clips, and hair accessories. 


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