Try Their Seven Day Trial Before You Sign Up At F45

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If you think the gym is passe, try F45, a new functional fitness arena, started by Vikram and Deepti, at Anna Nagar. This gym follows functional fitness and you can try their seven day trial period before you choose them. This facility has several types of equipment like kettlebells, pull-up bars, barbells, medicine balls, cycles, dumbbells, step up boxes & stools, cables, etc. Everything you need to take care of your cardio and strength training needs is right here. The facility has six trainers who have varied backgrounds like nutrition, weight lifting, rehabilitation, cross-fit, and MMA. After a 45-minute workout session, you can also have a chat with the trainers regarding your diet and other injuries. This trial lasts only till September (after that it becomes three days) They have a special offer going on right now so the monthly subscription costs INR 7,500. So, get your gains poppin' soon!


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