Sweet And Special! These Homemade Jams Carry More Than Just Fruity Goodness!

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Famberry Jamz

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Started just two months ago, Famberry Jamz offers freshly-prepared homemade jams made with a recipe that has been passed on for generations.

What Makes It Awesome

Hailing from a fruit exporting family, Chennai-based Saba has been relishing her grandma's delectable jams since she was a child. Made with an ancestral recipe that till date remains a family secret, Saba decided to share these jars of sweet happiness with the world. The result - Famberry Jamz came into existence.

Run by her and her mother, Mohsina, Famberry Jamz takes you on a trip to the beautiful orchards spread across the country with its jams. Available in four flavours - strawberries, grapes, apricot, and mixed fruit, these are made with no preservatives or artificial food colours. While the texture is slightly runny (as they don’t add any synthetic substance to thicken the jam), the flavours definitely put all the store-bought jams to shame.

They even add carrots and tomatoes to their mixed fruit jam along with papaya, apples, and pineapples for nutritive value and also a unique flavouring. Priced at INR 200, this is their most popularly ordered flavour. Famberry Jamz is also planning to add more seasonal varieties to their offerings and is also working towards making sugar-free jams. Yay!

As for the ordering these jams, you need to place an order at least one week in advance. Looking to order in bulk? Famberry Jamz can make customised hampers for you. They also do pop-ups where they pair their jams with delectable desserts like cheesecakes and cream puffs, all made by Saba. They might even add these jam-based desserts to their menu, and we simply cannot wait to try them!


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