Monseiurs, This Store Pallavaram Sells Some of The Cheapest Everyday Wears

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What Makes It Awesome

Okay. Now, THIS is something that will blow your mind - tees starting at INR 29. Now that's crazy, isn't it? We aren't even talking about street-side hawkers, we are talking about Focus menswear store in Pallavaram. They are going to make your everyday shopping so much more easy by their manufacture of comfort clothing featuring shirts, tees, jeans, trousers and shorts. These are all cotton and come in a crazy variance of colours, patterns and styles. 

Starting with their tees and shirts which start at INR 29 and INR 119 respectively, Focus store offers brightly coloured graphic shirts. Not only the artsy printed bikes or Bob Marley's face but they also have neatly printed quotes in English and Tamil on their tees. Wear your pride in being a Chennite! Further, you can find cotton shirts. For those IT professionals or businessmen, wearing similar things every day can be boring so why waste so much money on premium brands when you can get white solids and blue hues right here for much cheaper? Full sleeved or half, they have got them starting at size S to size XXL.

You can find some earthy coloured checks and stripes as well. Focus also deals with denim jeans and jackets starting at INR 199. Imagine buying blue jeans or those ripped ones everyone is so crazy about at that rate? Well, I cannot fully digest it yet. there is not so much compromise on quality either, these are even stretchable and breathable. You can go for blacks or if blue is your colour then that too. A fashion tip, grey is the new colour and surprisingly goes well with a lot of other colours. If jeans aren't your thing then trousers it is. Khakis and comfort formals, they will make a gentleman out of you! 

Venturing into comfier wears, they have some airy boxers and tracks on display. A morning run or that lazy day for Netflix and chill, you deserve that breeze on your thigh. As strange as it might sound, you know you want it and love it. While grey and blacks may be a favourite track to wear, did you know how well red strikes out in the morning? Good wake up call.