French, Spanish Or Japanese: Speak In Tongues At These Language Classes Across Chennai

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Being multilingual is not just a great point to have on your CV, but it’s also a great way to understand different cultures of the world. How else would you be able to decode Despacito, or chant with Bayern Munich fans without knowing a foreign language. And when you’ve given up on YouTube lessons, check out these five language centres around the city for quality face to face coaching.


A cultural centre started in the 50s, where else but the Alliance Française of Madras for everything French. Their functions are plenty but to most Chennaiites, Alliance equals a French class. Their courses are for both adults and kids above 16, and range from five levels of beginner to advanced. They’ve standardised their courses to meet international language guidelines set by the Common European Framework of Reference for languages {CEFRL}. If you’re interested in learning French for the first time, start with the lowest course Beginner Level 1. However if you have had some experience with French in the past, you can take their free 30 minute Placement Test to gauge which course you should start from. Classes are two to three hours in duration and frequency of classes depends on the intensity of the courses. Their intensive 80 hour course starts at INR 17,000 and their regular 160 hour schedule course starts at INR 12,000.

Check out their website here.


The Goethe Institut – Max Mueller Bhavan, like it’s French counterpart Alliance, is a German cultural centre that teaches German. Their courses are internationally recognised and each course culminates in an exam upon which you’re awarded a certificate from Goethe Institut that is recognised world over. Their courses also vary on duration and intensity of study with there being three options: Extensive {16 weeks}, Intensive {12 weeks} and Superintensive {5-6 weeks}. Their individual sessions are 45 minutes long and their batch sizes are small {15-20} to maximize quality of teaching. For eager learners, they also conduct German exam prep courses for students interested in acquiring their certifications. Course prices start at INR 21,000.

Check out their website here.


This Spanish language centre, Instituto Hispania, was started in 1997 to spread knowledge of the Spanish culture and language in India. Functional in all the big metro cities, Instituto Hispania has two centres in Chennai, with one in Adyar and the other in Nungambakkam. Their Spanish courses have seven levels and range from basic to advanced. Course fees start at INR 13,950 and are 70 hours long. The Spanish curriculum being taught is the same as it is in schools in Spain, with their question papers being sent from Spain! Speaking of exams, each course has two exams after which you’re awarded a certificate for completing the course. Classes happen through the week on weekends and weekdays and each session is approximately three hours long. Take them up and then flawless sing with Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull. Or wow you buddies by singing along to Despacito!

Contact: 044 43521523

For more info check out their website here.


Recognised by the Consulate of Japan as an official Japanese language school, Hayakawa Japanese Language School & Cultural Center is known as the best place to learn Japanese in Chennai thanks to their staff. Their courses are taught by native Japanese speakers as well as Indians who’ve studied Japanese and their facilities allow for learning in all forms {listening, reading, etc}. Their courses are aimed at working professionals hoping to travel to Japan as there is a strong focus on being able to converse and learn basic parlance. Classes take place through the week and are split into batches — Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Business and Fluent. Prices fro the courses start at INR 5,000, including supplementary study material like text books and audio CDs. Arigato us later.

Check out their website here.


The Mandarin School is a Chinese language centre, which like Hayakawa is aimed at teaching working professionals functional Mandarin. Their courses have a strong focus on speaking and being able to converse in Mandarin as that’s crucial for travel to China. And it goes beyond the language, as the courses are taught using China, its culture, cities and history. Their classes take place through the week and there are batches through the day that you can choose to attend based on your schedule. Prices start at INR 17,000 and you’re required to apply a month in advance of your proposed start date. The course ends with an internationally accredited exam for non-native Chinese speakers called the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi or the Chinese Proficiency Test.

Contact: +91 9092481636

For more info check out their website here.


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